How to Save Money in Overwater Bungalows During Your Stay

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Over the last two decades, Overwater Bungalows becoming more and more popular. The numbers of Overwater Bungalows were less before two decades ago.  Hundreds of Overwater Bungalows were constructed to fulfill the demand. It is one of the best experiences for everyone. Most of these villas are located in the Maldives, a nation with thousands of tiny islands. Other popular destinations are Bora Bora, the Caribbean Islands, Bali, Malaysia, and Fiji.

Spending your vacation in Overwater Bungalows is a little bit costly for the average traveler. You must need to plan very well to save money. Most of the island resorts are costly for most tourists. To help them in saving money, follow below travel tips:

1: Select Resorts near Airport

When selecting the resort/hotel for Overwater Bungalows, you should select which are located near the airport. For example, Maldives resorts located near Male Airport offer a cheap speedboat airport transfer facility. This way, you can save more money instead of spending on airport transfer by seaplane.

Most of the island resorts in the Maldives are located far away from the airport. Hence, you need to spend more money on seaplane transfer. A speedboat transfer from Male Airport costs you less.

In Bora Bora and other destinations with Overwater Bungalows, selecting resorts near the airport also cost you less in airport transfer.

2: Do Advance Reservation

We strongly suggest you avoid last-minute reservations for your stay. An advance reservation allows you to get good deals. It is one of the best ways to get good prices. Do not forget to compare prices with different portals manually instead of using price comparison websites/portals.


If you are planning to spend your holiday in Overwater Bungalows especially on peak season, last-minute deals are very much costly. We strongly suggest you make your reservation at least 2-3 months in advance to get regular rates.

3: Avoid High Season for Vacation and Holiday

We also urge you to avoid the high-season period of time for a vacation. In December (especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve), most of the island resorts with Overwater villas get fully booked before several weeks ago. However, this does not apply to all resorts. Prices may be a bit higher compared to the low season. So, do not forget to avoid high-season especially festive periods.

“You must avoid Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when planning your vacation for Overwater Bungalows”, advises the Editor of

In the Maldives, New Year’s Eve dinner and Christmas Eve dinner is mandatory in many resorts. The price range for dinner between these periods is US$100-$500. This adds more cost to your holiday. If you have a budget for this, we strongly suggest you go for it. The Maldives offer a beautiful holiday experience on December 31st and December 25th.

4: Use Credit Card to Get Points

It is one of the best ways to save some money on your holiday. Your credit card company offers you good points when you make your reservation. Your points can be used later on for room reservations too!

5: Select All-Inclusive Overwater Bungalows

To save more money, you should select the all-inclusive package for Overwater Bungalows. It is one of the best ways to save money. Do not forget to choose this package wisely. There are a full board package and a half-board. You should select the package wisely based on your requirements, budget, and situation.

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This all-inclusive package is not available in every resort with Overwater Bungalows. So, be careful and check the information when you make a reservation!

So, best of luck for your journey and do not forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp.