How To Properly Train For A Triathlon?

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By John Wick

Triathlon is one of the hardest athletics events known to the sporting world. People entering these competitions are usually in their top physical form and have undertaken years of rigorous training. A triathlete usually has to complete a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride, and a 10 km run to reach the finish line according to the Olympic standards.

If you are willing to enter a triathlon then you should condition your body in a way that you can complete the events without getting fatigued or pulling a cramp. Having good stamina and physical strength is not enough as there are several small factors that play a major role in determining if you will be able to win or not.

In this article, we will be looking at the different tips that every beginner should know in order to make their mind and body for the rigorous physical event.

How To Condition The Body For A Triathlon?

Routined training is very important for making sure that you perform well in the events and the key to that is practicing things exactly as they are supposed to be done in the events. Following are some key markers that can help you in reaching your best form for a triathlon,

  • Of the three events in a triathlon, swimming is the most difficult one and in the first stage it takes out the most number of competitors. Focussing on improving stamina with the help of aqua cycling is a great way of controlling breaths during intensive tasks. Hire a coach who can help you in correcting your technique so that you can get the most out of every stroke. Saving energy while being fast is the key to triumphing this round.
  • The main event will require you to go swimming in open waters and so if that is something that you have never done it is advisable to start from the pool. You have to get comfortable with your technique and learn to swim fast while not losing breath and then slowly get into the open waters. Aqua cycling can help you to strengthen your limbs for such perilous events.
  • Next is the cycling part and the challenge that every newcomer faces is the inability to eat and rehydrate themselves while on the bike. The food can be in the form of gels, bars, or even energy drinks that you have to eat while pedaling on your bicycle.
  • The last part of the race drains every ounce of energy from the body so it is very important to control the heart rate and slowly increase speed. Since it is a long-distance run it is more about endurance than strength. Many new triathletes forget this and try to run fast. You can make the practice more effective if you run uphill and through rough terrains which are more demanding.


All sorts of endurance exercises that improve strength and help one in maintaining their heart rate low without getting fatigued are important. Aqua cycling has proved to be very effective for triathletes all over the world.