How to ollie on a skateboard

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By Kaleem Ullah

Ollie is the most important trick you can learn on skateboarding. This is a basic trick, but learning the ollie method is essential to advancing almost every other skateboarding trick. A few years later, skating legend Rodney Mullen was so surprised by the “olly” that he learned to do it in the right place and was included in free skating.

How to Ollie? 

Before we go any further, note that Ollie is the easiest and most enjoyable skating trick to impress your friends, the people around you, or for personal pleasure. Ollie is the number one recommendation for any beginner if they want to start learning skateboard tricks. Do not hesitate, follow the given steps and practice them every day to master the upper ollie.

You need to know some steps:

  1. Foot Position
  2. Popping The Tail
  3. Sliding The Front Foot
  4. Level Out
  5. Landing

1: Foot Position 

Place your forefoot just below the skateboard bolt. If your posture is “regular”, this will be your left foot, and if you are “stupid”, it will be your right foot. Place your hind legs on the tail of your ollie skateboard and the soccer ball in the middle of the tail. When your feet are in the ollie position, flatten your shoulders on a skateboard and keep your head facing forward.

2: Popping The Tail

To lift the skate, tail off the ground, you need to bend your front knees and push down on your hind legs. The hind legs push the tail, creating a sudden movement. Importers need to complete this move, so it will have to be repeated several times to understand it.

3: Sliding The Front Foot

Now that all your weight should be on your hind legs and your tail on the ground, slide your front legs forward. The forefoot rolls forward and the toes are vertical on the ollie skateboard.

The forefoot must slide forward on the skateboard with a single striking motion. It’s a very fast move and your forefoot pulls the table into the air. Next, I would like to ride a skateboard with a jumping motion. Don’t forget to keep your square shoulders on your skateboard.

This is the most difficult step in OLAP and requires a lot of practice to master. You need to practice this step a lot to gain muscle memory and make sure you’re slowing down.

4: Level Out

The tail will appear, slide your foot towards your nose, hold your ollie skateboard under your foot, and jump, and the ollie will officially open. This step is very important and needs to be improved to increase the height of the ollie. Now you need to level up and get ready for landing!

5: Landing

The best way to lower the ollie is to bend your knees slightly. Do not sit with your knees fully extended. You may be injured by the impact. The knee acts as a shock absorber, just like when you jump.

Your feet should be in the same position as when you started your ollie. The kick may cause your forefoot to be a little closer to your nose, but that’s perfectly fine.

Some other tricks:

Once you’ve learned the ollie skateboard method, there are several ways to use or improve it.

  1. Raise the ollies: Once you’ve learned how to ollies, learn the ollies above!
  2. Learn how to scale down: There aren’t many tricks that are as impressive as when a skater jumps off a ladder. You need to learn how to remove the curb first, but the stairs are the next level.
  3. Learn how to make an ollie 180: Ollie stands up and spins itself. If you can do an ollie, you can certainly learn the ollie 180 pretty quickly. And after you call it, it has 180 ollies, 360, etc. behind.

Once you learn how to make an ollie skateboard, the world of technical skating tricks opens up right in front of you!

An additional guide to the best tricks

Well, you know how to do an ollie on a taller skateboard, but here are some important points to improve yourself on an ollie skateboard.

Get the best skateboard

You need an ollie skateboard that you can trust to perform OLAP and other skateboarding tricks. If your beginner skateboard is horrible and old, or if you own a cheap skateboard, you can’t be a professional skater. That’s not to say that a high-quality skateboard requires a high budget. All you need is a well-designed skateboard like this. We have the best skateboards under $ 150 and the best skateboards under $ 100. These skateboards have been carefully researched and discovered by a team of experts for low-budget riders. If you are a heavyweight novice adult, normal skating may not work for you, so you should look for the best skateboard for big boys.

Practice Regularly

Ollie’s skateboarding tricks cannot be mastered overnight. Continuous practice takes time. If you are new to skateboarding, you can place a small object and jump to start practicing Pollie in the yard. The height of the object can be greater than Ollie’s. This way you can quickly overpower Ollie.

The last word

Jumping while maintaining the right balance between your legs and your body puts your entire Ollie higher. Therefore, steadily in the highest practice of Ollie. Also, since you can fall several times during the learning phase, you can avoid minor accidents by wearing safety gear, so be sure to wear all the protective gear.

Hope you learned how to Ollie on your Skateboard.