How to Make Logos with DesignEvo Online

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How to Make Logos with DesignEvo Online? Logo design has always been a vital design branch, and it is almost an irreplaceable core in the field of brand design. Every brand needs a unique, representative logo as the core of brand promotion and marketing.

Of course, there are many ways for logo design. Many experienced designers have their own logo design process, but these processes are not the same. Nowadays, there are many shaped and systematic logo design tools that allow designers to come up with logo design solutions that fit the brand’s temperament faster. In today’s article, you will learn one of the most practical logo makers. DesignEvo is going to share it with you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo provides you with 10000 logo templates to help you create logos online at no charge. In a few minutes, you can create an attractive logo design. As the tool is for non-designer, it would quite meet your needs to logo in a short time and a small fee even free.

What are the key features you can get from DesignEvo?

Firstly, 10000 templates are available to choose from.

Click on different categories or enter your keywords to match a logo design that meets your requirements from the 10000 logo template and customize it at your will. All these templates are classified into certain categories, if you can find your wanted one, you can enter your keywords to find it.

Secondly, fonts and icons.

Choose from millions of professionally designed icons and 100 different style fonts and easily make your logo design take it to the next level.

Thirdly, fully customizable

Any logo can be quickly done here. Use your imagination to create your own logo design. Even if you have chosen the popular template, most of the elements in the template are editable, so you can redesign the element to make them unique.

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Fourthly, free and easy to use.

This tool is very user-friendly. Even if you have no experience and knowledge of graphic design programs, you can quickly manage your project in DesignEvo. No need to pay, download the application, simple operation, save time and effort.

Fifth, Vector images

HD SVG and PDF files are easy to download without worrying about the image being distorted due to scaling. It can meet various requirements, such as printing and illustration.

Finally, Cloud save.

Save your logo creations to the cloud for easy access and editing anytime, anywhere.

How to use DesignEvo to make your logo?

1.Select a template

Take the education logo as an example to show how does this platform work. So just access the DesignEvo homepage to choose the templates in the education category. The border nodes can be dragged to enlarge or reduce the elements.

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2. Add text

Once you have selected the template, then it will require you to add some information to the company name and slogan on the logo. Also, you can skip this step and add text later. There are two categories of text “classic” “art,” you can directly choose the font and color.

3. Add shape and icon if needed.

The third step is to add some necessary icons and shapes to make your logo more special.

4: The last is export and save.

This site is available for free download. The only requirement is to share it on your social media channel.

Finally, you can preview the logo you just designed, and apply it to various media like T-shirts, websites, etc. So you check the logo effect before downloading the works. Sound a useful setting.


This is a website that can help you design a logo quickly. It may not like Photoshop to do a lot of things, but in some cases, it could be your first choice. You can create several conceptual patterns for discussion and reference.

If you need an event logo or a camp logo, it is a very convenient tool. This easy-to-use application tool is shared with everyone. Being able to quickly and easily design a logo for us may not meet our requirements, but at least a few conceptual patterns can be created for discussion and reference. If you need an event logo or a camp logo, it is a very convenient tool. This easy-to-use application tool is shared with everyone.