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How To Make A Garden Fence

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By Kaleem Ullah

When I first started gardening, the idea of a garden fence seemed useless to me. I didn’t really understand why delimitating the perimeter of my garden from the rest of the yard was important until my first crops grew. As soon as my plants started to produce delicious fruits they became a true magnet for wildlife.

On the other hand, without proper deer fencing, deer, cats and dogs will also be able to ruin your edibles by simply walking on them or digging holes in the ground.

A garden fence is also useful to protect your flower beds from unwanted visitors.

On the market, there are countless garden fences to choose from yet many gardeners would like to find out how to make their own garden fencing.

If you are one of them, you might be glad to find out that making your own fencing is easy and, above all, economically convenient. All you need is patience and a few materials, but the result will pay off the extensive efforts made to beautify your property.

How To Protect The Garden From Wild Animals

A vegetable garden is attractive to many wild animals, such as boars, hares, and deer, to name just a few. Keeping them away from your crops is easy and in most cases, it is sufficient to install some type of mechanical barriers. In some cases you can even grow your own fruit and veg on a fence panel.

Usually, garden fences can be of three types, wire mesh, wooden fence and electric fence.

Although all three types can be effective, their cost varies depending on the solution. The wire and wooden fences are usually the preferred of the DIY enthusiasts. Making a garden fence yourself is the most inexpensive solution and also the most rewarding.

The electric fence is the most effective but also the most expensive type of garden fencing. In this case you will need to have your fence mounted by a professional; however, animals will most likely stay away from this type of barrier.

Wire Mesh Garden Fence

Wire mesh is one of the most popular garden fencing solutions. This type of barrier will protect your crops from the assault of large animals such as boars, and will also keep away those animals that can jump, such as foxes or deer, or dig.

Although popular, wire mesh garden fencingis not exactly cheap. On the first hand, quality wire mesh is expensive. On the other hand, you will also have to invest in additional support elements designed to maintain your fencing in place.

Wooden Garden Fence

The wooden garden fence is the most classic solution. This type of fencing is usually made of wooden boards connected together either with wire or with horizontal wooden boards.

This type of fence, if well structured, can protect the garden from wild boars and hares yet it is unlikely to repel the attack of animals such as rats, foxes, or deer.

Nevertheless, a wooden garden fence is a stylish solution if you don’t live in a rural area and just want to protect your veggies or flower beds from your pets.