how to maintain Ute trays

Maybe you own an UTE tray and the time has come to clean it. How you are going to do that is the big question to follow. Well, there are some steps to clean an aluminium UTE tray but those steps are simple and there’s nothing much to think about.

Honestly speaking, maintaining and cleaning your stainless steel or aluminium UTE tray is not a rocket science and most might get away with giving it just a quick hose down. That will happen only if you work in a trade that is clean. But, if you are out for weekend activities like getting bogged at the beach or finishing, then cleaning might be a task you need to handle with enough strength.

Always start with a good wash

Most of the professional and sturdy steel and aluminium trays are available with a protective powder coat. Make sure to follow the right cleaning steps for the same.

  •         At first, you will get the hose and give it a good hosing to remove any debris and dirt caught around the said edges.
  •         Then you will use a clean sponge and two-bucket method. It will be one water, one diluted detergent and water.
  •         Make sure to wipe down the surfaces to remove salt deposits, stains, grime and dirt build up. In case you want tonneau cover, then you better use the same cleaning technique.
  •         Make sure to give it another hose down and you will get a clear environment later on.

Now for some tough stains

In case you are associated with the construction and the civil business or any other sector that needs to lug around worksite materials like grease or concrete, then it will be difficult to remove the products later as they hardened up faster than usual. So, after every heavy use, make sure to follow some steps.

  •         Use a pressure hose and blast away sediment as fast as you can to prevent it from hardening.
  •         Then you can use some aluminium cleaner available in the market to remove grease, grime and tougher stains. There are separate cleaners available for stainless steel. It will provide a mirror-like look.
  •         There is nothing to worry about as it is a weaker acid and will not harm the beauty. It is better for the environment at the same time.
  •         But, it is always highly recommended to speak to the store representative about the cleaners as some acid wash items can damage the aluminium UTE trays.
  •         Make sure to use the power of an engine cleaner for removing dirt and dust build up as they cannot remove the tonneau covers and some of the well bodies.

The steps are simple and you can use them to make the UTE trays last for a long time. For the best purchase, make sure to log online at Ozi4*4 and get some of the most impressive aluminium and stainless steel UTE trays to give out a try. You won’t have to look for secondary help then!

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