How to improve grammar in class 9 English?

English is an important subject both in the perspective of getting ‘easy marks’, as toppers say, and also to improve communication in the most widely spoken language across the world. Grammar, as in any language, plays a significant role in getting the students the marks they deserve. It is a criterion considered for awarding marks to the students for all the exams that involve testing the language skills. 

Grammar is the structure and basics of a language, which is supposed to be followed, like the syntax of a coding language. Grammar is learned by practice and studying but cannot be byhearted. Students need to focus on this subject to improve their scores and practice and get ready for their higher grade exams. Grammar is where the majority of the marks lie. So how do students in class 9 improve their English? Let’s discuss.

  • NCERT Books Class 9 English Beehive is one of the top options for the students to understand the basics and build their fundamentals strong, right from the bottom. The topics and chapters are divided into sections and each section explains the topic in depth. The poems are explained in detail with their hyperboles, similes, metaphors, personification, and everything necessary. The prose helps understand the crux of the story and answer the questions. The thing of essence is for the students to not byheart the answers but reproduce them in their own words, as this will help them build their language grammar and their vocabulary.

  • Read more and learn more from the material. Reading is an important way of learning the ways of the language, and grammar is the ways or the methods followed by a language, of how it is written. Reading fast and efficiently is of importance as the students need to save their time for studying other subjects and also to learn more in less time. The unseen passages given in the exams also test this skill of the students along with the ability of the students to put the answers in their own words, with the help of their grammar knowledge. Reading will help the students to write the answers from their head, directly into the paper. They wouldn’t need to think much about the words and the grammar if they are in touch with their language fluency. It will be an effortless writing experience for them if they read more.

  • Research has proved that writing is thrice as efficient as reading, and it is an undeniable fact. Writing hardcodes the way the students must write in their heads. Referring to material and trying to write on their own is a good way to practice their skills of writing on their own for the exams. Help can be taken from friends, family, and teachers to correct the mistakes in the write-up. Students must be open to criticism and always be ready to learn. They must be ready to ask for help as helping and taking help is how humanity as a community can spread knowledge and take big steps towards a brighter future. Spreading knowledge is an important part of the functioning of society. That is why the occupation of being a teacher is appreciated all over the world.

  • Speaking more with peers is an important part of improving grammar. Speaking is usually not appreciated during classroom hours but other than that, students can try and speak in English, avoiding speaking in their mother-tongue or local languages. Teachers must encourage speaking in English in the classrooms, as teachers are often seen compromising and speaking in the local language to make it easier for the students to understand. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the students need to be pushed to use more and hear more English in the classroom. Even speaking English for at least a few hours must be encouraged. Mother tongue must be given importance too. But the grammar differs between Indian languages and English. English has a simple grammar system that is different from the Indian languages. But languages are just an aid for people to communicate their thoughts. English is just another language and students should not fear but enjoy the learning experience.

  • Watching more TV shows and movies. This might sound contrary to what is needed here, but it is not so. Movies and TV shows form an important part of a person’s language fluency. Turning on subtitles and understanding the conversation clearly will help the students to learn and form grammatically correct sentences freely in their minds. Listening to conversations and copying them is an interesting but effective way to learn the language. Movies and TV shows can produce multiple possibilities and unique scenarios providing a variety of dialogues and hence being a learning experience for the students. Even cartoon channels, anime, and other shows can be watched in English instead of the local languages in which they are broadcasted on the television.

  • Interact in the classroom and ask questions. Asking questions is of the essence as teachers are always ready to answer the questions and resolve doubts. Students must put themselves out there and resolve their doubts. They can even search for answers in reference books or search online. Curiosity and eagerness to learn will always pay off in the end and students must believe this. Searching online will connect the students to a huge community of curious learners and ever-ready teachers to resolve doubts. Connection to a huge community like that is a boon. 


Students need to be confident in themselves and follow the procedure given above for their English grammar improvement. This will help them in their 9th grade and also for the higher grades as the learning of a language is permanent, but so is the learning. Learning keeps going on and the students must enjoy the learning process.

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