How to help a friend get rid of drug addiction

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By Eva Adm

It is difficult for every person to talk to someone about their problems. You begin to doubt – does he need your help, will you seem too annoying to him?

This news is like a bolt from the blue. You immediately feel a significant burden of responsibility and a difficult choice: force yourself to intervene, dividing this problem into two, or stay on the sidelines, literally abandoning friendship. One thing to understand is that addiction will not go away on its own, and by leaving a person without help, you are depriving him of the chance to be free from drugs.

It is difficult for every person to talk to someone about their problems. You begin to doubt – does he need your help, will you seem too annoying to him? Believe me, this is difficult not only for you, but also for your interlocutor. It is not easy for everyone to talk about their mistakes, especially when a person is aware of them. Therefore, get ready for a wide variety of reactions – from feelings of shame to anger. 

First, try to choose the most appropriate moment for a heart-to-heart conversation. Let it be a neutral territory – a cafe or a park. You should only talk with a clear head, because under the influence of alcohol or drugs, conversation will not bring the desired result. Talk carefully, try not to alienate the person, don’t accuse him of being addicted to drugs, otherwise he will simply withdraw and leave, and next time it will be even more difficult to speak. Don’t pretend to be an expert and be calm. Tell me what feelings appear in your soul when you notice how he is changing. 

Try to convince him that you want to help him and are ready to be with him in any situation. But only offer your help if you are truly capable of going with him all the way to getting rid of drugs. Don’t think that as soon as the conversation is over, everything will go back to how it was. Everything will only begin for you from this moment. Now you have a long and painstaking journey ahead of you, in which you are connected to each other like never before.

Of course, then everything basically depends on your friend. First there will be time to realize the seriousness of the problem. He must understand that this is not a thing that he can just get rid of. It will be especially difficult to admit that he needs help from loved ones. But, regardless of whether he decides to undergo treatment or not, you must be by his side. 

Don’t give up and don’t lose hope of helping him. When he is mentally ready to change his life, tell him about those organizations who are offering IOP for teens where he can get qualified help. You can go there before and write down all the necessary information, contacts and addresses.

Once treatment begins, it doesn’t mean your mission is over. You can say this is the most difficult thing for your friend. All kinds of training, lectures, consultations – in order to get through all this, he will need your support. Your responsibility is not to leave him until the end of treatment. Yes, it will be difficult for you, but remember that you made a promise and your support is the most important thing for him.

During this journey, your friendship will only become stronger. Now you will know what you are capable of in difficult life situations. Don’t be afraid to offer your help and support if you know you are capable of it. Do not give up.