BTCC Crypto Trading: Bitcoin Prices, Upgrades, and More

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By Eva Adm

According to market statistics, a total of 295 million people own and deal with cryptocurrencies. Over 40% of the total cryptocurrency holders prefer Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 only. But within a short period, this cryptocurrency has earned the trust of the lion’s share of the crypto traders. 

A wide range of cryptocurrencies are available now. But Bitcoin is still the most popular one among them. Most crypto traders identify Bitcoin as the most reliable and less volatile cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin is popularly known as BTC in crypto trading charts. 

Due to the immense value that a Bitcoin possesses, Bitcoin trading and mining became quite popular within the first years of its launch. Miners could mine Bitcoin through their personal computers in the beginning days. 

Soon, it became pretty difficult to mine Bitcoin using basic personal computers. Personal computers are not enough to mine Bitcoin these days. It is advisable to use advanced devices to mine Bitcoin.

Or else, the miner has to be incredibly skilled in the process. Many miners now use mining pools hosted by reputed crypto trading platforms. These mining pools provide all the tools required to mine Bitcoin effectively.

BTCC is a crypto trading platform that hosts a dedicated Bitcoin mining pool.


BTCC is a highly popular cryptocurrency exchange that has clientele across the globe. This exchange was founded in the year 2011 and has been providing reliable crypto trading services ever since. 

The highlight of BTCC is the safety that it offers to the assets of the traders.

Customers across all continents depend on BTCC for safe crypto trading services. Some of the places where BTCC has its active presence are as follows.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe

BTCC possesses the rightful licenses and registrations required to operate in each of these regions. Some of the registrations and licenses are as follows.

  • USA – License from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • Canada – License from the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre
  • Europe – License from Legal Entities of Lithuania’s Registrar

BTCC maintains mobile-based and web-based crypto futures trading opportunities for its clients. The user-friendly interfaces of its multiple platforms enable even beginners in crypto trading to understand the process quite quickly.

BTCC Futures

BTCC offers a vast range of futures trading options for the clients. The futures at BTCC are categorized into two. They are:

  • USDT-based futures
  • Coin-margined futures

Among the futures, Bitcoin futures are very popular. This is due to the high Bitcoin price in the market. BTC price remains high in all trading charts globally most of the time. BTCC maintains a dedicated BTC chart to update the customers regarding the coin’s performance. The Bitcoin chart is constantly updated with the latest inputs from the crypto market. For BTC price and more information, click here.