How to Get a Travel Visa for Egypt?

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By John Wick

Egypt is a beautiful country that attracts tourists from all over the globe towards itself. It is well-known for its millennia-old monuments such as tombs, pyramids, and much more. It links the Middle East with northeast Africa and Cairo is its capital city. In order to travel to Egypt, one must apply and avail of an Egypt visa

Tourism e visa Egypt

The eligible candidates can get the Egypt visa online in a much secure and simpler manner. It is offered to the citizens of eligible countries with pre-approved clearance. Hence, tourists can enter Egypt to experience the attractive destinations of the country. The most attractive tourist destinations in Egypt include the Valley of the Kings, Sharm el sheik’s beach resort, the Nile River, and the Egyptian Pyramids.

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However, the people with Egyptian tourist visas are not permitted to carry out business activities or seek employment. For the accomplishment of such purposes, they should seek a work permit or apply for a business visa. 

How to Avail Tourist Visa

If you are eager to spend your vacations in Egypt with friends or family or even alone then you must apply for a tourist visa. Make a plan for travelling and ensure to apply for the visa online. The tourist can avail of any of these two tourist Egypt visas. These can be the multiple-entry tourist visa or the single entry tourist visa. 

The single-entry tourist visa does not allow entry in the country for the second time with the same visa. It permits the stay of the tourist in Egypt for a duration of about 30 days. However, on the contrary to this, the multiple-entry tourist visa offers multiple countries in Egypt over a tenure of six months duration. However, the duration for cumulative stay for each entry cannot be more than 30 days. Also read> MyEnvoyAir

Egypt Visa Requirements

As per the government of Egypt, there exist some peculiar requirements that must be fulfilled by the application. The applicant must hold the passport with a minimum validity of about six months remaining from expiry. Moreover, he must be a citizen of the countries that are eligible to enter Egypt for travelling purposes. The details for the accommodation such as hotel booking information needs to be shared with the embassy. The mandatory e visa requirements include filling and submission of application form with attachment of documents and payment of visa fee. 

Egypt Tourist Visa Application 

The first step for applying for an Egypt visa is to fill the Egypt tourist visa application form. Enter all the required personal information in it with optimum care! Cross-check the details and avoid any spelling mistakes or any other such mistakes. 

Pay the Egypt e visa Fees

After completion of the Egypt e visa online form, ensure to pay the fee for the e visa Egypt. It is one of the mandatory Egypt visa requirements that must be fulfilled via credit card or debit card. The processing period of the visa is generally seven days duration. 

Receiving the Egypt Visa

The authorities will take a certain time to process the application and will go through the data keenly. Upon finding it appropriate, the application will be intimated about the success of the visa application. Hence, he will receive the visa for Egypt at the mailing address provided by him. The authorized Egypt visa received through email must be printed by the applicant. It is meant to be shown along with the passport for gaining entry into the country. There is no validity of the benefit of the eVisa if the visa is lost or no longer valid for use. 

Egypt Visa on Arrival

Egypt is considered to be a safe country for travelling. Hence, every year, a huge range of tourists from eligible countries enter the land of it. There are 46 countries that are eligible to receive the visa on arrival by the government of Egypt. In 2017, the citizens of Japan, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States got pre-authorised to travel to Egypt. It is the visa that the tourist can obtain when he arrives at the port of the country for entry.