How to determine the success of your Mobile App

A Mobile App Project always has an end goal. A Mobile App Development Agency tries to convert these goals into reality to achieve success for your app. Moreover, a good App Development company can debrief you about how they can achieve the targets & convert an app successfully.

But Understanding the Success of an App can be difficult; for some companies, this could mean building up goals from scratch if they are new to App development Methodologies. So today, let us look into the Agile Practices used to monitor progress towards Goals.

Measuring performance using Agile Practices

Agile is Project Management Methodology developed specifically keeping in mind the IT requirements. The Practices followed by these methodologies to deliver better codebases and work quality are known as Agile Practices. In a Survey, they said that almost & 71% of organizations have adapted to Agile Practices for their software project management. Also, the organizations claim that agile practices are 28% more successful when compared with old methodologies like the Waterfall approach.

Now for our problems, we will have to dive more into these Agile Practices and learn about the 7 KPIs to measure the success of our projects. KPI provides crucial insights into our development performance and helps us understand the keys to success for the end goals of our app.

7 KPIs

Now that we know about the KPIs & it’s importance in our development cycle. Let’s explore more about the 7 KPIs for your app development success.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is an index that measures the retention of users your software produces. It is a percentage value based on the customer visiting your software. It can help you identify why your customers are not getting hooked to your product and how you can achieve that.

Churn Rate

Churn rate is the rate of loss of your customer after the app installation. A churn rate can help you identify how you can improve on delivering your customer’s lifetime values. So that you have a recurring customer base, leading to a reduced churn rate.

Daily Active Users (DAU)

Based on the nature of the business your application conducts, DAU can help you identify how many sales figures & how much interest your app is generating daily. It helps us understand the retention & churn rate of your customer base daily.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Likewise, for a month, we have MAU. One of the main things to remember is that it counts one user per month, whether he will visit your app once or hundred times in a month. It helps us understand the goals in a broader timeframe, helping determine the long-term performance of our app.

Return on Investment (ROI)

For all investments we make, we need to understand ROI for it. It helps in efficient budget planning & understanding the underlying costs for the success of your app.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost per acquisition depends a lot on return on investment. CPA helps new companies with managing budgets for their app development budget. CPA also helps understand whether your app development strategy is correct or do we need any revisions going ahead.

Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

It is the average sales or revenue generation per user through your app. It helps determine whether your app is profitable for your business/organization.

Choosing which App development Company

Now that we understand the importance of the Agile process, we can say KPIs can help you choose your app development company. These processes help you ensure the right quality & excellent performance of your app in the market when ready. One of such development companies is TechAhead, rated as the Best Mobile App Development Company in San Diego. TechAhead helps you from business ideation to project delivery which comes with detailed reports for these KPIs, helping you build your app for success. Discover more about how we work at TechAhead and reach out to our teams to help you make your app ideas into successful businesses.

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