How to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship?

The research shows that more than 30 million men are affected by Erectile Dysfunction in the United States, a prevalent form of sexual dysfunction. Having ED, you are facing difficulties developing and maintaining the firm erection for satisfying sex.

It is a sexual disorder. Due to this problem, your sexual ability is affected, which may create troubles in your relationship; sometimes, it causes a broken relationship. So ED and impotence are both also known as the couple’s diseases.

If the male partner suffers, both partners suffer from the occasional sexual frustration that may lead to the loss of intimacy, ongoing stress, and depression. Besides this, the strength of their connection is also affected. It can be treated by using Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Vidalista 20. Buy now from safegenericpharmacy

What Causes ED?

ED is closely linked with various Health conditions like heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes. These are the underlying cause of this sexual problem. Sometimes, ED may be the side effect of a treatment for health conditions like prostate cancer. There are lots of males who experience ED after performing sexual intercourse. It leads to anxiety or stress overall for getting or maintaining firm erections during sex. Whatever the causes, men who are experiencing the ED should seek medical attention from a medical practitioner.

ED is quite an embarrassing problem. Most of the men who have ED feel embarrassed to discuss with a doctor. So this factor can create the distance between two partners. It can make you feel that your partner isn’t interested in you or attracted to some other woman – it is a problem. So this type of health condition can potentially affect your relationship if the erectile dysfunction cannot treat actively.

Though ED can be a highly frustrating health disorder, it is very easily treatable. Today, lots of medications or other treatments are available in the market to prevent ED. Besides this, some habits need to be changed to treat ED and your lifestyle. It can improve the symptoms of your erectile dysfunction, so your sexual performance can be improved.

How to deal with ED if your relationship is affected

Some have the misconception that ED cannot be cured. But it is wrong. In most cases, ED is curable. There are ranges of effective treatments available that can prevent this sexual function, improving relations between two partners. If you have a relationship problem, you can discuss it with your physician, who helps you understand your options, and the doctor also encourages both partners to attend appointments.

A person who has ED may have to go through several tests to get proper treatment; he may try various treatment options. At this point, it is essential to understand their partners and need support from her. One study found that approximately 94% of men felt that their partner’s support during ED treatment was vital.

Here are some approaches mentioned below that people can try quickly:

  • Open communication with partner
  • counseling
  • Other forms of intimacy besides the common form
  • lifestyle changes.


Though sometimes it becomes difficult, it is an effective technique. Open and transparent communication with your partner can help reduce stress in sex; you need to discuss it with your partner. So ED can be removed very easily.

ED is such a problem that can create guilt or embarrassment in sufferers; some males have the problem that they cannot intimate with their partner suddenly. So they try to avoid it. But female partners may interpret it as rejection, or they feel unwanted or fail to attract.

If you communicate with your partner about these feelings can clear up this type of misunderstandings. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggest that the female partner should know their partner better if they have an ED:

  • ED does not make any man less masculine or less desirable
  • ED is a physical illness that can be cured, but sex is never more important than a person’s health and disease.


Emotional distress, anxiety, depression are the common cause of ED. Most urologists say that mental health could be a big factor for the person who has ED, so they recommend counseling.

Many people prefer personal counseling; this option can give a person a private and unjust place to talk openly about his sexual disability. In this case, a psychologist can help his patient manage stress, anxiety, or feelings of low self-esteem.

But you have to remember that couples counseling may also be advantageous and have a positive effect. Open discussion between the couple in front of the counselor help resolves any relationship problems. Some research shows that 50%–70% of males are cured of ED by attending therapy with their partner.

Other forms of intimacy

When one goes through ED treatment, there are several ways to maintain physical intimacy. For example, you can say that people with ED may feel that their partner has supported them in sexual intercourse while they receive the kiss, hug, holding hands, etc.

UCLA suggests experimenting with other forms of sexual activity besides the usual form. By doing this, both partners get pleasure without performing sexual intercourse.

Lifestyle changes

The male partner with ED needs to change their lifestyle changes, such as:

  • quit smoking
  • limiting or stopping the alcohol consumption
  • increasing the rate of workout
  • maintaining the proper body weight
  • stop using the illegal drug.

Providing moral support by the female partner to the person with ED can help him respond to the treatment. In some cases, a change in sex position may be beneficial for them.

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