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How to choose the right home decor furniture?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Furniture is the backbone of any house. Everyone’s choice is to have something durable, comfortable, and aesthetically stunning. But such kind of quality furniture can be too expensive at times so we should always try to invest in furniture that guarantees value for money. The furniture that stays for long – that which combines beauty, comfort, and robustness, is exactly the one-time investment we need to make for our home. Dekor Company will help you find such furniture by making you understand the nuances involved in furniture shopping. Steps are easy to remember and have been adopted worldwide by famous interior designers.

Let’s gear up to learn – How to choose the right home decor furniture?

Choose A Theme

While designing your house, you must have had a theme in your head. If you didn’t, find a theme first. Popular options for a theme can be:

  • Close to nature
  • All white
  • Traditional
  • Vintage
  • Modern
  • Casual
  • Industrious
  • Tech savvy
  • Artsy
  • Dark, etc.

Your interior design of floor, walls, ceiling, and hardware has to be in sync with your furniture. Just analyze what theme you would be comfortable with, and finalize it.

Analyze the Interior Space

Measure your rooms, including the doorway, and come up with a floor plan. Don’t forget to measure the size of your wall. Ensure width and length of the wall is greater than that of the furniture. And if the walls are curved, furniture should complement its shape. When laying the floor plan, leave space of 18 inches on either side of the wall. This space offers a comfortable walking space so that people don’t have to move things or squeeze through spaces to find the way.


This section is going to be the lengthiest so read it carefully. The size and placement of your furniture can either make your room look stuffed or spacious. Planning is henceforth a crucial step because you wouldn’t want to waste your money on furniture items that don’t fit in.

Consider the following factors to determine the extent of furniture that you need. Take into account the direction the doors open, the location of your air conditioners, and the dimensions of each room. No furniture should block other attractive features in your room, such as the fireplace or any unique décor.

Every space of the home has its function and thus, has its kind of furniture requirements. Your activities divide and arrange the home spaces. For example, dining room to eat, bedroom to sleep, study room to study, and so forth. Determine the varied furniture types as per the room and requirement.

If you have plenty of space, you can play around with the layout but in compact homes be more careful about the size, color, and shape of your furniture. For your living room, place the  similar arrangement can be made for bed in bedroom and work desk in study. Sectional couches can function as dividers for free space homes while accent chairs like The Scottish Plaid Accent Lounge Chair and round side accent table like The Yin-Yang Coffee Table – Small (Stainless Steel) can be placed in corners.

The dimensions of you’re the bedroom will dictate the size of your bed. Think about bedside tables, their height and width, and what shape will work best; do the same when selecting cabinets and cupboards too – how big or small.

Think about the home decor. Place The Roman Rectangular Marble Coffee Table – ROSE GOLD

in front of the sofa couch, bedside table in the bedroom, The Square Piped Double Decker Console Table below the television or entryway and experience what a beautiful display of home decor and functionality they offer. But this is completely subjective. Some individuals don’t like bedside tables, instead, they opt for bookshelves where they can keep their collectibles, magazines, books, fiction collections, and so forth.

Plan your furniture as per interior space, your own choice, and your personality.

Focus on Essentials First

Now that you have planned the layout and know your type, it’s time to budget and prioritize. Invest most in the furniture items you need the most. If your house is often full of guests, invest nicely in a bigger sectional couch to accommodate them. However, if that’s not the case, a smaller one will work just fine – a couch just for you – cozy and comfy. Similarly for other rooms and furniture items.

Select a trusted store whether offline or online that offers trendy pieces that won’t cost your budget too much, for an instance “Dekor Company”. Don’t get distracted by furniture you don’t need. Just stick to the plan. If you’re shopping online, use the filters to narrow down your search, taking into account the measurements, colors, and budget you’ve set aside for your project. Because impulse buys are a huge no-no.

The same applies if you’re buying in-store. Take a measuring tape and room measurements with you, so that you can measure the furniture properly. Usually seeing furniture in large, open home stores can be deceptive and fool you – things are often bigger than they look!

The Material and Make of the Furniture

If you want long-lasting furniture, it has to be constructed from strong and durable solid wood.  Medium-density fiberboard and particleboard materials are less durable. For the fabric, take into account comfort and exteriors. A midcentury modern sofa bed is ideal for those looking for comfort, luxury, and fine-quality materials.

Do you have kids and pets? If the answer to this question is yes, get furniture with fabrics that are easy to wash and resistant to stains while not compromising the quality of the material.

Try it Out

This is only applicable if you are at an offline store.

Try out everything before you buy. Try out all the different mattresses, sit on all the chairs, and check to see that the dining room table feels comfortable. Request fabric samples for the upholstery. Are you able to see yourself watching a movie from that couch?

This is the best way to decide whether a product is right for you and allows you to compare them with others.

Complimentary Accents

Even after buying anchor furniture items, there’s something missing? This something is accent furniture. Accent furniture includes accent table, lounge chair like The Italian Pleated Accent lounge Chair, accent sofa, bedside table, console table, accent storage cabinet, and ottomans like The Parisian Blue Velvet Round Ottoman. These accents will provide extra seating and storage without taking much floor space. Apart from this, they even fill up vacant spaces in large homes if any. For example, put a lounge chair in a corner and make it your book reading setup.

But shopping for accent furniture can be a tricky task. Be sure that chosen accent furniture blends in with the existing furniture and other home decoration items online in the house. Even the ones you are buying should complement each other. For example, the coffee table, the stand-alone chairs, and sofas should look like a unit in living room to seem more put together.


Just like how you accessorize yourself, even after wearing branded clothes to look more fashionable, accessorizing furniture is important. Furniture accessories include upholstery, cushions, beddings, seat cushions, rugs, tableware (lamps, showpieces, candle stands, homeware), floor lamps, and even wall arts.

Upholstery and tableware are popular cults but most of you still would be confused about rugs and wall arts. Imagine what happens if you put The Blue Oriental Floor Rug under your lounge chair or sofa, hang regal Desert Safari Metal Wall Art Panel over it and keep The Crown Royal Floor Lamp – Green beside it. A master living room is created even if your sofa is ordinary. This is the magic of Dekor Company’s wall decor and rugs.

Similar glamour is created when you put The Green and Gold Italian Mesh Decorative Table Lamp or Naomi Antique Green Ceramic Vase – Big or Gold Majestic Eagle Decorative Showpiece on an accent table or coffee table.

Bottom Line

This article is everything you always needed to buy the correct furniture. If you will follow it religiously then you will get the utmost comfort, decor, and solace with the furniture arrangement. As soon as you will step in, your mood will be set and a positive ambiance will refresh you. Besides, you will be always happy to invite guests over as you are satisfied with just how good your space looks.

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