How to choose the music for your wedding?

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By John Wick

A wedding is an important enough event in the life of every person, so everyone wants it to be organized flawlessly. An integral part of this celebration is the musicians at the wedding, the choice of which should be approached with a great deal of responsibility. This is what will be discussed in this article.

Helpful hints

Today there are several options for musical accompaniment of weddings. A small orchestra, a professional DJ, or a vocal orchestra can cheer up those present. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the taste preferences of the newlyweds, as well as on the format in which their celebration will take place. If your guests include people of different ages, you need to make sure that the music is universal and enjoyed by everyone.

In order to find a good group for the wedding,   take advantage of the recommendations of friends who recently got married. Keep in mind for download mp3 songs go on the naasongs24.com site, however, that your tastes may not match. Therefore, before signing a contract with the musicians, listen to their disc, or even better – attend their live performance.

If you decide that a whole ensemble should perform at your wedding, you need to take care in advance of preparing the place where the vocalists will be. You will need to organize a celebration in a bright and airy room. A separate table of soft drinks and snacks should also be set up for singers so that they can refresh themselves between performances.

Some people prefer a music center over a live performance. If you are one of them, you need to choose the right place to place this unit so that its sound is of the highest quality. For weddings that don’t take place in any particular format, the music can be varied. When young people get tired of modern dances, parents will take the initiative and remember the songs of the past.

Cover band performance rules.

Most of the songs should be danceable. In some collectives, they account for almost 90% of musical works. This is quite justified, considering that a corporate party is, first of all, an active, cheerful holiday where guests want to dance and give free rein to emotions that are often hidden in a work environment.

Don’t make the pauses between songs too long. Ideal if there are none at all.

Shlyagers are always well received by older listeners. The songs of Yuri Antonov, the DDT, Bravo, and Time Machine groups are liked by almost everyone over 40. Young people, on the other hand, prefer Max Barskikh, Dima Bilan, Olga Buzova.

The repertoire must necessarily include songs, the words of which are known to all guests invited to the event. This gives them the opportunity to sing along to the musicians, thus building good feedback.

A wedding cover band should dilute energetic musical blocks with soulful ballads. Slow melodies will help take a break from lingering dances, create a more romantic atmosphere for the newlyweds, and will give the male part of the audience an opportunity to invite the girl they like to a casual dance.

If the guests of the holiday feel like they are at a private concert, the author’s cover versions of popular songs sound no worse than the originals – the mission of the jazz group has been fulfilled in full.