How To Choose A Perfect Topic For An Essay

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By John Wick

Essay written tasks often start with a list of recommendations that might include several options of pre-formulated topics. However, from time to time, teachers assign students to choose and generate a relevant topic by themselves. If you have ever tried formulating an exciting topic for an essay, you must know that it is not a trivial task. If you wish to score a high grade, you will need to read loads of materials before finding a creative phrase for the title of a paper. Hence, not all students know how to choose a perfect essay topic, so we collected some essential hacks from authors with experience. By reading the article below, you will widen your knowledge about how to generate an exciting topic for any paper. We hope that you will find out content worth your attention.

Clarify the type of an essay

You must start preparations by clarifying which type of essay you need to write. Students often begin with brainstorming. However, without ensuring the concrete kind of your paper, you may use a non-proper formulation. For example, if you need to write a compare and contrast essay, you should include both subjects in the topic. If you create an argumentative essay, you should put the main idea of a paper into the title. Usually, to ensure what type of essay you need to create, you can read the manuals or ask your teacher.

Do the research

Depending on the discipline, you should create a list of sources to investigate. You must read materials related to your subject and widen your knowledge in a chosen area. It would be best if you never skipped the research stage, as only after going through relevant materials will you be able to generate an exciting topic. We recommend you consider all sources related to your discipline and subject. Include into research such materials as books, magazines, articles from scientific almanacs, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. Divide the sources into primary and tertiary ones and go through all of them.

Ask for the help of skilled authors

If you face issues trying to formulate a good topic for your essay, make an intelligent move towards your goal and ask an author with experience to assist you. Some students reach out to their friends or relatives, ask classmates, etc. Follow this link if you want help from a professional essay writing service, follow this link. Experienced authors are waiting for your orders and can ease your life. Students who lack skills in stating working topics, formatting, structuring, and writing essays, find practical solutions thanks to prominent authors. Getting help from a homework help service is an ecological way to solve your issues with papers.

Use an online tool

Some sites offer students not only paid services and help with writing but also suggest free features. For example, you can count on unpaid revisions, free outlining, and formatting of your essay. Also, some services let students use online tools that generate exciting topics for college papers. To use a tool, you need to enter a page with a plain field for entering keywords. By typing two or three terms that reflect the subject, you will generate several creative topics.

Select core terms

Any essay relates to a particular subject. If you are unsure about the final formulation of a topic, try using several keywords or phrases that reflect the problematics. It would be best if you chose non-trivial terms. Once you select core items highlighting the subject, use these words and phrases to generate an active topic. After, you will need to insert the exact keywords in the text during writing. Such an approach will let you draw an audience’s attention to the problematics, ease following your thoughts, and make the content plain.


We believe that after reading our article, you have a clear vision of how to choose a perfect topic for an essay. You should start by defining the type of essay. Then you should proceed by doing research that must include all kinds of sources related to your subject. If needed, you can ask for the help of professional authors or use an online topic-generating tool. It would help if you select the core terms related to your subject and generate a topic with the help of keywords. Good luck with your writing tasks!