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How to Choose a Multivitamin

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Around 77% of Americans take vitamins or supplements. Knowing how to choose a multivitamin will improve your overall health.

Americans between the ages of 35 and 54 have the highest rate of supplement usage at 81%. Nonetheless, taking a multivitamin has the potential to benefit your health at any age.

Your health directly impacts your life. Bettering your health through multivitamins will make your body feel healthier than ever.

Keep reading to learn the top tips on picking the right multivitamin.

Consider Your Demographics

Certain demographics benefit from vegan vitamin supplements more than others. For example, older people tend to benefit from taking a daily multivitamin for seniors.

There are special multivitamins that are specifically designed for men and women of different ages. However, there are also complete multivitamins for people of any gender to take.

Anyone looking to fill nutritional gaps in their diet should also take a multivitamin. This includes both dieters and people whose diets don’t include a particular food group. In this case, it’s best to pick a multivitamin that contains the nutrients your diet lacks.

Speaking of nutrients:

Necessary Nutrients

Choosing a multivitamin involves finding out what kind of nutrients you need. There’s only one way to learn whether or not you have a nutrient deficiency: You must go to your doctor and get a blood test done.

Once you get your results, it’ll tell you what nutrients your body needs more of (if any).

Most quality multivitamins made for everyday usage contain the essential micronutrients your body needs to function well. That includes calcium, Vitamin D, B12, magnesium, potassium, and more. Reading a multivitamin’s description and daily values will give you insight into the micronutrients it contains.

Now, about those daily values:

Accurate Daily Value

The importance of multivitamins lies in their ability to provide you with the nutrients you need for the day. Make sure a multivitamin contains 100% of your daily requirement for most of its nutrients.

However, please know that you’re not supposed to have 100% of certain nutrients present in a multivitamin. In fact, most multivitamins have low levels of potassium and magnesium to avoid drug interactions. The same logic applies to vitamins A, E, D, and K.

Special Ingredients

The right multivitamin for you has special ingredients to give your body extra nourishment. That’s why Multivitamins By Vitabiotics are part of such a strong selection. They even have multivitamins for athletes, pregnant women, and postmenopausal women.

Plus, there are multivitamins that contain healthy herbs like rosehips. You’ll also find multivitamins for better hair, nails, and skin out there. If you need a multivitamin that fulfills a certain function, it’s on the market somewhere.

Learning How to Choose a Multivitamin is Easy

25% of the worldwide population lives with an iron deficiency. Now that you know how to choose a multivitamin, you might as well get your doctor’s input with bloodwork.

42% of Americans may be deficient in Vitamin D. It’s good to get 10 to 30 minutes of sunlight a day, but when you can’t do that, a multivitamin will help.

Be good to yourself—read our health articles. It’ll encourage you to give your body the support it needs.