How to Become a Limousine Driver

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Limo driver also called a chauffeur, operates his own business or works for a limousine company. The drivers may have to put in long hours and odd timings as their job involves being responsible for the passengers whom they ferry. Besides receiving and dropping passengers to and from the airport, their duty also involves ensuring a safe and secure journey, keeping the vehicle clean, and carrying luggage of their passengers. Limo drivers will have to undergo a professional driving course in order to get a valid driving license. They should have a clean driving record and obtain a chauffeur’s license. Read on to know how to become a limousine driver.

Obtain a commercial driver’s license

The first thing you need to do for becoming a limo driver is to obtain your commercial driver’s license or CDL. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, limo drivers carry at least 16 passengers at a time and should have a commercial driver’s license. The driver needs to be at least 18 years, complete a vision test successfully, hold a driver’s license, and pass written as well as practical tests to get a CDL.

Submit an application for an additional license

 Limo drivers need to have an additional license before legally driving their vehicles. In most situations, applications will have to undergo fingerprinting or pass the test of the criminal background check. Other terms and conditions include – completing a defensive driving course, passing a drug test, or having at least 1-year experience in driving a car.

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Complete on the job training

Many limousine drivers learn driving skills and gain expertise while on the job. This on-job training may last for only a day to 2 weeks and covers various issues that include – the safety of the driver, local traffic laws and rules, navigation routes, and customer service training.

Continue building your career

Limo drivers may be required to go through a renewal process for maintaining their driving license. This requires updating the physical fitness statement provided by the medical officer and clearing a drug test held annually or another defensive driving course.

Once you become a driver, you will have to show care and concern for the passengers when they are going from one place to another in your car. Drive professionally and win over the hearts of the passengers so that they may think of hiring you in the future.