How to apply for a partner visa in Australia

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In this article, we would like to go through the common mistakes and hurdles people go through when applying for a partner visa in Australia. If you have more questions regarding a visa application in Australia, contact us at our Gold Coast office.

1: Rushing the Process

We have seen instances where people rush the process in order to land their partner a visa. Seeking to the process go fast doesn’t discredit your relationship in any way, and neither does it mean that it will lead to your visa application going down the drain. It only raises questions of whether you are speeding up the process because of the visa or because you have a genuine connection.

We have come across many instances where people decided to lodge a partner and even getting married, hoping it enhances their chances of securing a visa. They end up getting the visa but regret why they decided to settle too soon with someone they weren’t so sure about.

If you have known someone for a while and you feel that they are the right person for you, you may go ahead and try to have to lodge them to secure a visa. However, if you aren’t sure of the person, we advise you to take your time.

2: Last Minute Lodging of the Application

You never run out of people to do things during ‘rush hour. ‘It may be because you were busy or had forgotten about the task at hand only to remember during the last minute. If you have a registration agent who knows how to go about the application process, you may still secure your Australia Visa during this eleventh hour.

But because of the tediousness that comes with the last-minute rush, such as the need to verify your documents through the relevant authorities, you and your partner should lodge your visa application earlier. This will help you avoid the confusion that comes with doing things at the last minute, which may lead to you making a mistake.

3: An Assumption of Registering Your Relationship

Partner Visa Application in Australia requires proof of the marriage or a de-facto relationship. In simple terms, a de-facto relationship is where the partners have been living under the same roof for at least a year. Also, registering your relationship with the Australian state makes you qualify your relationship as de-facto.

4: Lack of Lease Agreement

Not being in possession of a lease agreement shouldn’t give you ideas that you cannot lay your hands on an Australian partner visa. You may be living with your parents, friends at a flat or even own your own property. Of essence is that you live together, and you should have proof to show.

5: Remember to Lodge the Sponsorship Component

Many couples forget that there are two sections that need to be lodged, and forgetting could be disastrous. For instance, you may be asked to leave the country. Also, your fee won’t be refunded, so it’s good to go through the document early enough.

6: Idea of Previous Visa Being Cancelled Automatically!

Lodging a partner’s visa application doesn’t affect your current visa in any way. It remains relevant till its expiry date. All you have to do is work by the requirements of the particular visa. For instance, a student visa will require you to continue being a student and abiding by what is expected of you as a student, such as paying school fee and attending classes.

In case of any arising issues, you should consult your Registered Agent.

7: Consult

Visa application can be a tedious phenomenon, and doing it alone makes it even worse. This is because it entails understanding the requirements and whether you qualify, having proper documentation, and the whole process of a partner visa application. Being one of the most expensive visas in Australia, you need to get it right since the amount payable won’t be refunded.

Working with a Registered Migration Agent could help you to smoothly go through the process, avoiding any mistakes that may lead to you being denied a partner visa to Australia.