How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost? 

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By John Wick

The first question that most people who want to drive ask a trainer is how much it costs. However, professional training should be the choice of everyone who wants to get a car license. On average, learners spend about 7 lessons and the cost is about $360. However, the amount could be higher or lower depending on the exact trainer. In Victoria and other regions of Australia, you need 120 hours before you qualify for a license test. This means that you have to get started with a professional trainer before you commence training with your friends or family before you earn the hours that are necessary for licensing.

What Australian Driver Trainers Association Victoria Says?

According to the Australian Driver Trainers Association Victoria, the support that professional training in the first hours of driver training offers is huge and plays a critical role in attaining the 120 hours that are required to get tested. However, family members and guardians are highly encouraged to play an active role in getting their young loved ones to practice so that they may get the valuable experience that reinforces their driving knowledge while also building their confidence.

The Cost to Get a Driving License in Australia

The cost varies depending on various factors, which are unique to an individual. For someone new to driving, the minimum hours that are required is 15-20, but for someone who has been driving, about 6 hours will be necessary. This means that the cost is dependent on the number of training hours that a person would need. The per hour cost is about $60, so the exact amount that you will pay is dependent on how many hours you will require.

But remember that the average amount that is $60 per hour does not include the testing fees, so that amount could go way up. This makes it necessary that you seek an opportunity to practice with friends and relatives before you go get examined. That is the surest way to reduce the cost of getting your driver’s license.

Also, the transmission of the vehicle that you choose determines how many hours you will need to train as a driver. Those who choose to use manual vehicles will perhaps take a longer time, and this naturally becomes expensive. However, the benefits that those who get from learning to drive using manual vehicles are more than those who prefer learning with automatic vehicles.

Is a Road Or Logbook Driving Test Better?

Logbook doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the learner, so you get to complete and pass every item on your own time. You will not need the supervision of a driving instructor. This method is awesome for those who can’t hold nerves when undertaking a driving test. But the demerit of this method is that it may cost more, and take a longer time. With the road test, at the time that you have built confidence and are sure that you can tackle the driving test, you can book a date. However, you should pass every item that is tested to get your driver’s license.