How gaming has evolved with time

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Video games were not video games at the start. It was gaming initially, and people were not able to see characters in them. Gaming has evolved, and it has now changed into video gaming. Initially, it was based on alphabets and letters. The players were supposed to change their arrangement.

As time got advanced, the industry of gaming also got highly developed. The video games at the start were not video games. They consist of letters, and the players used them to explore the adventures of the game. But it was not fulfilling the criteria of a video game.

What is a video game?

Video games have some specific features, and upon them, we call them a video game. It consists of an image, characters, landscapes, and the interaction of the player with them. You use an input device to create visual effects and to interact in the game as a player.

The input devices used for a video game are joysticks, keyboard, and controller. All of them are motion-sensing devices, and they help in carrying the actions in a video game.

Video games are digital board games, and they can be played on smartphones or PC. There are different features of video games, but the most common are


Video games are not only appealing to watch but also have a sound system in them. While playing them, you can hear sounds according to the situation. If you have done something wrong, you listen to sounds of OUCH and other such emotions. They indicate that the last step you have taken is not correct.

You not only hear sounds of emotions but can listen to everything in your surroundings. It gives a feeling of actuality and feels you as a part of the game.


Initially, the video game has no images, and you only see letters. The games were based on little adventures, but you were supposed to solve the puzzles with the help of letters and alphabets. But as time has changed, the gaming industry has modified video games.

Now the video games consist of characters, and those characters are according to your gender. If you are a female, then the appearance of your character will be according to a female. And same goes for male players.

Video games are based on a storyline now, and they have a specific theme. Following a particular theme, makers make sure to add each and everything in the background. And they add it to make it more real and give players a sense of realism.

Evolution of video games

Video games evolved when the text format changed into a visual format. And at the time, the idea of video games changed. Previously people used to read text descriptions, and then type commands to take the game forward. But when the visual format was introduced, players got the privilege to see everything on the screen.

The gaming concept changed, and it also brought success to the gaming industry. People started to look forward to them, and they played to check if it was interesting or not. To make them more engaging, the makers added more features to them.

They started making multiplayer games, a new feature, and people got crazy after it. Initially, video games were single-player games. But after the advancement of technology, multiplayer video games were introduced in the market.

Multiplayer games and how they brought evolution?

In a multiplayer game, more than two people can play at one time. They are played in groups, and there is no restriction of an area in them. Players from different cities and even countries can play them at the same time. Multiplayer games got famous within days because people loved them, and it also allowed them to play with their distant friends and family members.

They are the most engaging video games, and players spend their day and nights on them. CSGO is a famous multiplayer game,  and it has introduced a ranking system. In this system,  the players get ranked according to their performance.

Ranks brought luxuries with them, and to enjoy the rewards players play round after rounds of the game. CSGO has also given an option of buying ranks to players. They can buy master guardian elite and other higher ranks, to make their game interesting. And this ranking feature is now added in other video games as well.

The history of video games is not a straight-line it consists of changes. And all the change has been made according to the advancement of technology. As the technology has changed and people have got computers in their hands, the video game has also changed. Now there are video games for smartphones, and everybody having a Smartphone can play them.

Now online games have also been introduced, and they are considered the most addictive video games.