How does Dodow sleep aid work?

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Sleeping at least 8 hours is one of the most important things for our healthy living. Rest is a very precious commodity for many people and something to aspire to for many others. That is why technological solutions such as Dodow’s are invented. How does Dodow sleep aid work?

Dodow promises to improve sleep and make its users fall asleep in just 8 minutes. This small circular gadget is specifically designed to help people fall asleep. According to their preferences, the user can configure the system to fall asleep in 8 or 20 minutes. This light turns on and off gradually, causing the brain to synchronize breathing and you fall asleep.

What is Dodow?

What is Dodow

Dodow is a circle-shaped light that helps you to sleep naturally. Its users can sleep 2.5x faster than in the past. It projects a ring of blue light onto the ceiling that increases and decreases with your inhale and exhale. You can use its 8 minutes and 20 minutes methods according to your need. It automatically shut down after ending the duration. Its use is like ABC. You can improve your sleeping quality without taking medicines that have several types of side effects. After all, Dodow is the best ally for those who have insomnia and sleeping problems.

How does Dodow sleep aid work?

Dodow projects a blue light on the ceiling that pulses with our breath. After breathing with the light, your body becomes relaxed and we fall asleep. Let’s discover more about how it works:

  • It has 2 modes

To activate 8-minute mode: Tap the touchpad once. To activate 20-minute mode: tap the touchpad 2 times. You can activate 20-minute mode to 8-minute mode without starting over by tapping the touchpad 2 times. To deactivate, turn off automatically after the selected time or keep your finger on the touchpad for at least 3 seconds.

  • Its use

Open your eyes and see the blue light, synchronize your breath with the light. Inhale as it expands, exhale when it contracts. The slow breathing rate allows for significant regulation of the autonomic nervous system and the rhythm of light is hypnotic. The relaxing activity helps you get rid of the agitating thoughts that keep you awake.

  • Adjust the brightness

You can change the brightness setting (3 different settings available) by pressing 3 seconds on the touchpad. Then, release your finger when the LEDs light up. To select the preferred brightness setting (press the touchpad), press the touchpad for 3 seconds. The device will turn off.

  • Sleep comes naturally

Dodow speeds up the process. As you focus on the beam of light, the flow of your thoughts slows down. You can sleep 2.5 times quicker than usual.

How to use Dodow?

The use of Dodow is like ABC. Follow the instructions to use the sleeping aid correctly:

  1. Put the Dodow beside your pillow or on the bed-desk.
  2. Simply tap once for the 8-minute session and twice for the 20-minute session.
  3. After finishing the period, it will shut down itself.
  4. Use 3 AAA batteries to use it.

You can take it with you on trips and vacations.

What are other users saying about the Dodow?

I have presented the reviews of other users:

Finally, my son is sleeping. He had trouble sleeping. In addition, he always woke up at night. We tried everything. Nothing helped. One day the Dodow appeared on my Facebook feed. I immediately thought that I had to try this out. It was delivered very quickly. I read the instructions together with my son. It was ready for use in 20 minutes. The child fell asleep immediately. We have had the gadget for two and a half weeks now. Every night was like the first. The little one falls asleep very quickly.

I have trouble falling asleep and I always have medication. Since I’ve been using Dodow, I haven’t needed any pills. The light works very well and it’s not too bright. If you get distracted, it doesn’t matter. Then you just pay attention to it in the next session. It is very relaxing to watch the blue light. The device works perfectly for me. It can also be transported and doesn’t bother my wife either.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dodow sleeping aid

The gadget has a blue light and offers these advantages:

  • It relieves you of stress.
  • You can have a sound and deep night’s sleep with it.
  • After a session, Dodow switches itself off automatically.
  • If you cannot fall asleep even with relaxing music, you should definitely try this sleep aid and sleep like a baby.
  • Don’t need any sleeping pills to fall asleep.

I could only find a few disadvantages:

  • The gadget works on non-rechargeable AAA size When the batteries are empty, you will need to replace them.
  • The Dodow light is only available in blue You cannot change this either.

Final Word

How does Dodow sleep aid work? The Dodow projects a pulsing blue light that has 8 minutes and 20 minutes modes with an auto shut down option. The blue light increases and decreases its brightness according to our inhale and exhale. Continuous breathing relaxes your body and helps you to fall asleep.

If you have sleeping problems or insomnia, the Dodow will be the perfect solution for you. After using it for several days, you can avoid taking sleeping pills and sleep healthily. It has no bad reactions on the body, just place it beside your bed and have a sound sleep.