How do I contact Apple CEO: Does the CEO read emails and letters?

How do I contact the CEO of Apple? The CEO of Apple is Timothy Donald Cook or as he is quite popular with his short name Tim Cook. There are several ways to contact Tim Cook: you can connect with him through Apple’s Headquarters Phone, or by mailing letters to the Headquarters, via Social Media, or by Email. An Email is one of the best ways to contact the CEO of Apple. Does Tim Cook answer emails?

Tim Cook’s corporate address is public, and he responds to emails, maybe not all of them personally but through the concerned channels or associates. Tim Cook joined Apple in the year 1998 as Senior Vice President of Apple for worldwide sales and operations and was appointed as CEO of the company in the year 2011. Do you wish to contact the CEO of Apple? Let’s read about the ways to connect with Apple’s CEO!

How do I contact the Apple CEO?

If you wish to contact Apple CEO, email is the best approach to do it. Apple CEO Tim Cook can be contacted at his corporate email address, you can note down the email address: [email protected] This email address is the business email address and can be reviewed by Tim Cook’s assistants as well, so avoid any personal messages.

Will I Get a Reply From Tim Cook? Tim Cook responds to emails especially emails regarding Apple’s products like your concerns, suggestions, complaints or business proposals, etc. So yes, your emails are read and responded to as well, if not by the CEO himself through the concerned departments or divisions or his associates. So, how to get the attention of the Apple CEO and get a response?

Does the CEO read emails and letters?

As CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Tim receives a huge number of emails on a daily basis (the approximate number would be 800-900 relevant emails).

Practically, responding to each of them personally is out of the question considering his position and work priorities thus his emails are scrutinized by his team, and only important ones are forwarded to him, the rest are mostly forwarded to the concerned divisions. How to get a response from Tim Cook on your email?

Here are a few simple tips you can follow:

  • Avoid writing personal emails.
  • Add a strong and riveting subject line, relevant to your message.
  • The tone of your email should be courteous and reverential, for example, you can address your email as Dear Mr. Cook and then the message.
  • Do add your contact info along with your email at the end of the message.
  • If you are sending a business proposal, give a brief of the proposal, don’t mention the whole proposal, rather make your pitch on the points how it can benefit Apple, etc., and a request for a follow-up or a meeting.

Here is the source for the above information.

Other Ways to Contact Apple CEO

If email is not working for you there are other ways to contact Apple CEO via phone and social media. Continue scrolling!

Calling Apple Headquarters: You may not get the chance to speak to him directly but on the basis of the nature of your call, your call might be transferred to him if he is available at the Headquarters at that time. You can note down the number of Apple Headquarters:

Apple’s HQ, California Phone Number: (408) 996–1010.

Social Media: Tim Cook is not much of a Social Media user but yes, he is active on Twitter. His Twitter handle is But there is a strong possibility that this account is on admin mode only and other messages may be disabled.

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