How Can You Make Points And Save Them From Mistakes In The Carrom Board Game?

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By John Wick

An exciting carrom board game online, one has to know the mistakes and how to get points to win the game. Even if you’re just starting out, it should be an ace cuz ’game that’s the spirit of play.

Carrom is played all over the world and is a very exciting game. A strategy with a small tad of your batting skills makes the game interesting and looks like a billionaire game, all your pockets are sure to fill you with the joy of winning.

Oh yes! These are billiard fingerprints with no balls and swimming pools! We know you want to know about the scoring part of the game and how you can save yourself from mistakes. So, without further ado, let’s take you to the important part of the blog.

How Can You Get Scores in a Carrom Game?

  • If you want to get high scores, you need to know the scores you get while playing. These points at the end of the game become your winning school.
  • Whenever the game ends, count the pieces of your opponent’s game left on the board. Each part of the left game gives you one point. So, for example- if there are 5 game pieces left on the board, you have 5 extra points
  • Now, if you lift the queen and cover her, you have 5 points if your score is less than 24
  • Since there is no set number in the rounds, you can continue to add scores from each round
  • And, meanwhile, if you or anyone else gets more than 29 points, you are the winner of the game
  • Example: You get 10 points in the first round and win, in the next round your opponent gets 8 points, and wins this round. Now, if there is another round, you get 14 points to give you 24 points. Suppose the fourth round is won by your opponent by 6 points (14 points in total). In the 5th round, you win and get 8 points over 29 points (needed to win the game). So, they all won the game by 32 points.

Note: Do not add 5 points after pocketing and cover the queen if your score is more than 24.

How Can You Save Yourself From Mistakes in the Game?

Yes, a free game does not sound like a game! Isn’t it?

And knowing them in detail will save you from doing bad things. We know it’s just a game and too much competition can ruin the fun. However, even a little information is still dangerous. So, let’s talk about Carrom’s mistakes in detail:

Whenever you encounter corruption, your opportunity expires quickly and you are forced to hand over any pieces of your proposed game to your opponent. Now, your opponent can put a piece of the game anywhere on the board. Usually, the opponent puts a piece of the game in a way that will benefit him.

An error occurred when:

  • He puts a striker in his pocket
  • He puts a piece of the opponent in his pocket
  • Any piece of the game leaves the board getting your chance
  • She lays out the last piece before covering the Queen
  • Properly set the striker before shooting
  • If your arm crosses a straight line on the board
  • If you fail to break well in three attempts

When you don’t have a game piece:

  • In that case, whenever you lift a piece of your game, you should send it as a penalty
  • Also, the opponent keeps a game piece in the middle of the board (he doesn’t put a piece on him)
  • Now, if the opponent forgets the fine, then no penalty is owed.
  • So, to avoid mistakes, you need to improve your shooting skills, learn how to shoot a successful striker in a carrom game online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are carrom points calculated?

You get one point for each remaining piece of the game from your opponent. Alos, you get 5 points if you lift and cover the queen. There are no points if you reach 24 points.

Who wins the carrom game?

After covering the queen, if you can put all your game pieces in your pocket you are the winner.

How can I improve my focus on Carrom?

Exercise makes a person perfect. You can get used to aligning the flight board, setting your angles, and hitting without a piece of the game. Soon, you will upgrade your game to the angle that led to your game pocket.


That talked about how you can save yourself from cheating and how you can get more points to win the game. Check out for all online game updates.

We hope that after reading this blog, you will definitely get into this game the next time you play.