How can you get a free lifeline phone that the government provides?

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The recession has affected so many people and placed them in a bad situation to afford necessary commodities. As a result of these economic pressures, so many people cannot meet their monthly costs when it comes to settling their necessary cell phone prepaid plan or cellphone contract. Supposing you are looking for lifeline cell phone suppliers near you or the State that you live in, there are several things you need to understand fast about the program to determine if you are eligible.

Fortunately, help has come from the government through a program called the lifeline assistance program. Low-income earners can get discounted phone or internet service for persons who fall under the low-income bracket. If you are eligible, you can get at least a $7.25 discount on the phone bill or a discount of $ 9.25 if you choose an internet option from lifeline phone providers. These steps will help you get a lifeline phone from various  lifeline phone program Oklahoma if you meet the qualification

Step 1: Check Your Qualification for the Lifeline Program

To confirm if you meet the qualification program categories, use these two methods. First, you need to find out if you fall under the low-income limit category. Under this category, your income must be below 135% or at exactly that percentage per the federal poverty guidelines. Secondly, if you have ever participated in any of the following federal assistance programs, you might meet the eligibility requirements. They are Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance (section 8), Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits Program, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and supplemental security income (SSI),

Step 2: Select your lifeline provider

After meeting the first step criteria, you can proceed to apply for a lifeline through any choice of your lifeline phone or internet provider available in your area or State. Each area usually has a list of providers that to pick from.

Step 3: Apply for any lifeline program of your choice

Proceed and ask the lifeline provider you have preferred for a lifeline application. The following documentation will be needed to complete the application process: a legit fully signed document that shows you are eligible for the program or a Government-issued photo ID or Driver’s license.