How Can Universal Gift Cards Help Your Business?

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By Kaleem Ullah

There are many ways to attract customers and let your business thrive. You may have made countless efforts to retain customers in conventional ways, whether it’d be through monthly discounts or savvy promotions. While these initiatives can put a strain on your overall budget, you think of it as an investment to gain popularity among customers and expect high returns on future purchases. But, there’s another method helping businesses cope with the trend of discounts and promotions — offering a universal gift card

A gift card helps you stay atop the business chain and keep up with what the customers want. Besides, what matters most apart from the services you offer are customer demands. If you are still undecided about incorporating them into your business strategy, here are three glaring benefits that may persuade you.

Attract More Customers

Nowadays, people can find just about everything they want online. So, it’s promising to incorporate gift cards if you want to grab customers’ attention. As you know, customers with gift cards are more than encouraged to seek the items or services you offer, no matter where they might be and whoever they’re with.

In cases where a customer doesn’t seem to grasp what they are looking for in your store, the card may end up on another person as a gift most of the time. The more the card has been passed down, the wider your brand can cover. More and more people will visit your store, and it’s an opportunity a business owner can’t afford to pass by. 

Create More Touchpoints

Another way you can create more opportunities to increase brand awareness is through email addresses. Activating the gift card online means that you can collect email addresses from your customers. Therefore, you can then add this information to your mailing list to communicate with your customers more frequently. You can include messages such as sales updates, special promotions and offers they badly need.

Moreover, customers will spend more time on your website if they are reloading or checking the balance on the gift card, especially if it is linked to your company’s website. As a result, you’ll have more site traffic. The longer a buyer stays on your website, the more likely it will end on a purchase. 

Generates Useful Data

Every business owner wants to fully understand what their customers want. Well, if you’re planning an initiative to add gift cards for your customers, it’s one of the unlikeliest ways you can gather useful data, especially if you’re new to it.

Many business owners find that a universal gift card can open avenues that allow you to better serve your clients. In addition, it can assist you in gathering crucial information that will help you understand your market better.

Customers can voice their preferences, and in return, you can personalise sales products and promotions for each buyer. This ensures you get a higher return on a relatively low-cost gift card.

Yes, gift cards are amongst the best practices a reputable business should have, especially if the demand for cards is higher than ever. A universal gift card can also be a lifesaver for those who want to get through the holiday season! Getting more value out of a gift card can be satisfying not only for the recipient but also for the sender.