How are parents raising boys? Dananeer Mobeen

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Leading Pakistani social media activist and model Dananeer Mobeen has expressed outrage over the tragic incident of abuse of Ayesha on August 14 at Minar-e-Pakistan.

Dananeer Mobeen lamented the stories on her Instagram account, calling the training of men in the incident a matter of concern. Dananeer Mobeen wrote in her story that everyone is talking about this topic which is why she also wants to say something.

She asked the government why our state does not punish such men, why such men are not made role model or example. Dananeer Mobeen further said that how are the parents of the boys training them in Pakistan, why men have not been taught to respect women, Islam has given equal rights to both men and women.

Dananeer Mobeen questioned the government, saying that why our government is not enforcing the rights given to women by Islam?