Amazing health benefits of eggplants you probably didn’t know about

While most consider it a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit. It originates from India and its distributed and grown world widely. Eggplant is known as aubergine, melongene, brinjal, and guinea squash. The amazing health value of eggplants is provided by their high content of water, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. In the additional text, Chicago`s best weight loss expert will discuss the benefits of eggplant and why should be included in your diet.

  • Source of vitamins and minerals

Eggplants contain a high level of vitamin K, C, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, and water with a low percentage of fat and cholesterol. All these characteristics provide great beneficial effects on overall health.  

  • Gastrointestinal health benefit

Dietary fibers from eggshells can aid the digestive process. It helps digestion by stimulating peristaltic motions and secretion of gastric juices.

  • Hearth diseases prevention

It helps eliminates bad cholesterol, which can cause clogged veins and arteries and consequently heart attack and stroke, at the same time increasing the uptake of good cholesterol. Additionally, eggplants are the source of bioflavonoids that helps anti-hypertension and reduce blood pressure which affects the cardiovascular system on the whole.

  • Support the weight loss

With low cholesterol and fat but high fiber concentration, eggplant is a good dietary choice for those who want to lose weight. Eggplant is a powerful ally in weight loss because it represses the release of the ghrelin hormone, and leaves a feeling of stomach fullness.

  • Improves bone health

A large amount of calcium and phenolic compounds in eggplants are linked to bone health and decrease the risk of osteoporosis and bone degradation.

  • Anemia Prevention

Eggplants contain a high level of iron and copper. Iron deficiency can cause anemia with migraine, depression, weakness, fatigue, and cognitive malfunction. 

  • Improves mental health

As rich with phytonutrients and potassium, eggplants can boost brain functions and cognitive activity by delivering oxygen-rich blood, increasing blood flow, and fighting free radicals. 

  • Helps Manage the Diabetes

The high content of fibers and low carbohydrates can reduce glucose and insulin activity. Eggplants in diet can be significant in regulating diabetes type 2. Also, 

  • Prevention of birth defects

Folic acid is a very important element in pregnancy. A deficit of folic acid affects the development of infants and neural tube, which makes eggplant an ideal food choice for a pregnant woman dietary. 

  • Reduction of inflammations

Contrary to recent popular beliefs that vegetables such as eggplant (white potato, chilly peppers, tomatoes, and others that contain alkaloids) can increase inflammation and conditions related to inflammation like irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, and arthritis, studies have shown that this fruit has great antioxidant power and can actually reduce inflammations. Thanks to anthocyanins, the pigment that gives the dark color to eggplants, is also a powerful antioxidant substance.

Final Thoughts

As part of the nightshade plants family, eggplant in some cases can cause an allergic reaction, so consuming the eggplant in large amounts should be considered with caution. Secondarily, preparing the eggplants with lots of oil or frying is not recommended. 

Nonetheless, you can find many recipes for preparing eggplants in a healthy way, exploiting its great nutrition content and powerful attributes. 

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