Bad Bunny Opens a New Restaurant in Miami: What Else Is He Doing Recently?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Bad Bunny is a superstar who is talented in many things, including singing, rapping, wrestling, and recently, running a restaurant. Even though all the Bad Bunny tickets 2022 tour are almost sold-out, the Puerto Rican star decided to try something completely new in his life. So, he partnered with David Grutman to open a Miami-based restaurant. The place is named Gekko, and it’s a Japanese-inspired steakhouse.

All the Details we Know about the Restaurant

Bad Bunny decided to do these things while on his Hottest Tour performance in Miami. Many people say he brought the summer jam there, while his latest album is still in the top-10 music releases worldwide.

He is well-known for his philanthropy and activism, and we can’t wait to see him running a successful restaurant in the middle of Miami.

Even though he is on tour, Bad Bunny had enough time to attend the restaurant opening, so here are a few highlights of it:

The Crowd was Screaming his Real Name

Many fans arrived near the newly-opened restaurant to see their favorite music star. While Bad Bunny came with a white Bugatti, the crowd shouted “Benito!” referring to his real name.

Even though he leaves right after the shows, this time, Bad Bunny decided to pay his respects to the fans who waited patiently for him.

There was a Tiny Car Crash

As Bad Bunny arrived at the venue, he had a minor accident in front of the restaurant. At one point, a Lamborghini SUV bumped into his Bugatti. Luckily, it’s just a scratch, even though the Puerto Rican superstar decided to take a video for insurance purposes.

Many Celebrities Attended the Opening

If you were in Miami recently, you probably know about the Gekko opening and the celebrities who came there to support Bad Bunny in his new business.

At some point, Victoria and David Beckham, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Karol G, Timbaland, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Andy Garcia, and many other popular people came.

The Meaning of the Name

Gekko is an homage to Japanese culture. The word Gekko refers to a small lizard who glows in the dark, just like the moon. But when it comes to this restaurant, the goal is to bring the people into an intimate world while they eat authentic Japanese sushi dishes or even exceptionally prepared steak.  

What Else is Bad Bunny Doing These Days

We all know he is on his Hottest Tour and has live concerts for all the Latin trap lovers. Also, he needs to find enough time to promote his album in case there is someone who hasn’t already listened to all the songs on it.

He surely has many things to do while traveling from one venue to another. Still, he also must keep his superstar image in front of the audience, making appearances in TV shows, videos, and magazines.

He appeared on a Magazine Cover Wearing Skirt

After the successful restaurant opening, the magazine Harper’s Bazaar released a new issue with Bad Bunny on the front page. Many were surprised to see him in a pink skirt, but his message is that there is no difference between the stage persona and the real Benito.

Also, he shared valuable thoughts with us. Initially, he was trying to adopt a completely different stage persona. But now, he knows he learned the best way to stay authentic on the scene – never losing himself in the popularity.

He Highlighted a few Important Messages for the fans

Even though he is only 28, Bad Bunny is experienced and wise like an old soul. He surely enjoyed his popularity once, but now he knows it’s all about the business and making the audience happy.

During the interview for Harper’s Bazaar, he said he is aware people think he is wearing a skirt and jewelry just to grab attention.

“In reality, I just know who I am,” said Bad Bunny, noting that he is already popular enough to call for attention.

He is Getting Ready for his Biggest Acting Role

Bad Bunny will become El Muerto in the upcoming Spider-Man movie by Sony. His appearance is making history, too, because he is the first Hispanic actor introduced to the Marvel universe.

El Muerto is one of the biggest anti-heroes by Marvel, and the name literally means “the dead one.” He inherited the abilities from the male side of the family, while his father and grandfather were Luchadors (Mexican wrestlers).

Interestingly, Bad Bunny is a wrestler, too, so we can say he was prepared for this role before he was aware of it.

We love seeing how things are improving for the most popular Latin music trap star. Bad Bunny built a name for himself, even though it wasn’t easy as it seemed.

So, he surely deserves all this popularity because right now, he can do whatever he wants and succeed.