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Health Benefits of Carpet Tiles and Allergies

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By John Wick

If you suffer from allergies, one of the possible health benefits of carpet tiles is that they help you stay comfortable and breathe easily. When carpets are laid, a layer of dust and natural dander is always present. This can be quite irritating for some people, especially if they happen to work in a place that has high traffic. Vacuuming is never going to be enough to keep them clean and dust particles can build up over time without being cleaned. In addition to this, certain allergens may be trapped deep within the carpet fibres, which will cause sneezing, itchy eyes and even allergic reactions.

By using carpet tiles for home flooring, you can easily reduce the amount of dust and allergens that you have to contend with, thereby allowing you to stay more comfortable. In addition to helping you feel better, carpet tiles will also allow you to get more done in less time. This means you can cut back on your annual carpet cleaning costs, which is especially good news if you have a busy family.

But how do carpet tiles and allergies benefit you? Well, there are actually many health benefits to installing them in your home. Here is a closer look at the following facts.

Tiles help you stay more comfortable. They are easy on the respiratory system because they trap dirt and dust while you are walking on them. You can simply sweep the dust and dirt away from your feet before entering your home by placing your feet over the carpet. If the dirt gets trapped in the carpet, you can simply vacuum it out. However, if the carpet gets dirtier quickly, you need to blot it out or use a special carpet cleaner.

Tiles can help you reduce allergens. If your allergies are triggered by mould, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, dust, mould or pollen, carpet tiles will help you reduce the number of allergens in your environment. The reason why this is so beneficial is that carpet is made up of millions of tiny particles. So when you regularly walk on these particles, some of them may make it into your lungs.

Carpet tiles reduce the chances of you triggering an asthma attack because you are less likely to breathe in dust or dirt. In fact, the particles are too small for you to be able to even see them. So you can just imagine the amount of dirt and dust particles that enter into your lungs when you drag your shoes across your carpet.

The health benefits of carpet tiles also include the reduction in headaches. Carpet tiles reduce the impact on your head, thus reducing the chances of you getting a headache. So you don’t have to suffer from constant headaches when you have to stand on your feet for long periods of time. And the worst thing about allergies is nausea. You won’t have to worry about nausea when you have carpet tiles on your floor covering. All you will see is a clean and fresh-looking floor covering that you can move around the house on.

Another health benefits of carpet tiles that you won’t find in any other type of flooring are that it makes your home much healthier. When your carpets are not matted, they allow air to circulate and thus keep your home free of allergens. And the last but not least, carpet tiles will make your home smell better. The freshness and cleanliness of your home are enhanced when you regularly walk on clean tiles.