Govt increases Petrol Price by Rs 25.58

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Some days ago we predicted that a Sharp increase in Petrol Price is expected from 1st July but the government has other plans and increase prices before 1st July.

The bad news for the people suffering from economic problems due to Corona is that after the approval of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the prices of petroleum products have been increased up to Rs 25 per liter.

Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the summary of the increase in prices of petroleum products after which the Ministry of Finance issued a notification of an increase in prices of petroleum products.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, petrol has been increased by Rs 25.58 per liter. After which the new price of petrol has been fixed at Rs 100.10 paise per liter.

The price of diesel has been fixed at Rs 101.46 per liter after an increase of Rs 21.31 per liter and the price of kerosene at Rs 23.50 per liter has been increased to Rs 59.6 per liter.

According to the Finance Ministry, the price of light diesel has been increased by Rs 17.84 per liter and its new price has been fixed at Rs 55.98 per liter. New prices for petroleum products are usually set from the first of each month. However, the new prices have been applied from 12AM.