Four Offbeat Ways to Style Blue Shirts for Men

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There aren’t many colours out there that are as versatile and elegant as blue in the sartorial world. We bet you have a blue shirt in your wardrobe that you don every now and then to spruce your formal and casual outfits.

You would pick it for a casual day at the office, shortlist it for the wedding season, or even keep it handy for interviews. But are you making the most of your blue shirts? The secret ingredient to getting the most out of this wardrobe staple is by styling it with the right elements. This is exactly where this article can be of help to you. Regardless of whether you are craving a relaxed summer look or a subtle overhaul to your formal outfit, these four ways can help you style your blues on point.

  • Keep it mono: While some fashion experts might dislike the idea of you pairing your blue shirt with blue pants, we would totally recommend it. Pair a light blue shirt with navy trousers and sail through those casual business meetings or that evening dinner with friends.
  • Leave the jacket: You’ll have to up your layer game in this one. A fully buttoned formal blue shirt with a sleeveless sweater and pitch-black trousers. Formal and sophisticated. We would recommend a pair of black oxford shoes to complete the attire.
  • The white bottoms: An open shirt might be the coolest look, but it is often overdone in the casual world. Try experimenting with a fully buttoned-up blue shirt with white denim on the lower half. Complete this offbeat look with a pair of suede boots and a dark blue blazer and you have the perfect blend of practical and smart fashion.
  • Cut it short: Have you ever tried pairing a sophisticated long-sleeved oxford blue shirt with Bermuda shorts? We bet you haven’t. As offbeat as it sounds, try sporting this relaxed yet stylish look for your next summer getaway. To end things on a high note, we would recommend throwing in a pair of white trainers and black sunglasses.
  • Suit up: While turtlenecks are often regarded as the perfect winter companion, you would be surprised how your blue shirt can fit into the equation. Style your slim-fit blue shirt with beige dress pants and a woollen blazer. Run your favourite leather belt through the loopholes, and voila! Smart fashion like never before.

Final Preparations

Embrace any one of these attires, and your overused blue will suddenly feel elevated. That being said, none of the mentioned outfits can do you any good without the presence of a quality blue shirt in your wardrobe. Being one of the most commonly available colours out there, the decision to buy a good blue can be a challenging task.

We would recommend that you scroll through your options thoroughly before making a purchase decision. There are a plethora of premium fashion brands offering blue shirts for men, but only a few can provide you with the best value for your investment.

A quality blue shirt would have the best quality fabric, top-notch stitching, and variety in designs. Andamen is a premium fashion brand that you can rely on for your next purchase. They have an extensive collection of blue shirts across different designs. You can choose from their prints, unique checks, stripes, and patterns. The best part is you can find your favourite blue shirt in a fit that best aligns with your body. Andamen blue shirts are available in regular and slim fits, so you can conveniently choose what works best for you.

So, invest in high-quality blue shirts and style your outfits to be a class apart!