Five Factors That Affect Subtitles’s Longevity

Understanding the importance of subtitles.

Subtitles in movies are a big deal. It plays a big role in engaging the audience, assisting the viewer in understanding the story and enhancing the experience. Without subtitles, some people with hearing disabilities would not be able to enjoy the movie. While subtitles are important, they don’t always have to be white or black text on a box. In fact, there’s a lot more you can do with subtitles. So, know how to design a movie subtitle easily with

Types of subtitles.

Subtitles are basically the smaller versions of the text that appear at the bottom of a video. Subtitles are meant to serve two purposes:

Choose the right soundtrack for your video.

Human beings are emotional by nature. They respond emotionally to music. Music can make them happy or sad. It can excite or calm them. The right music can make or break your video. There are 2 types of music on television. One is the background music and the other is the theme music. The background music is used generally for many purposes. It can be used to make a video more lively when the script calls for it. It can be used to give a serious tone to the video. It can be used to explain important details about the product. It can be used to portray the product in a happy or bizarre manner. The theme music is used only when there is a change in the script. It is used once and it is done.

Keep your subtitle fresh.

The user will realise it if your copy is stale. Yes, that’s true. After reading the same text repetitively, it will lose its grip and you will have to reread it to make any sense of it. Just imagine that you have to work on the same thing for hours and on your 10th revision, even you cannot make sense out of it. That is how your audience will feel. So, keep your eye on the headline, bold and italic words. And make sure to use capital letters, bullet points, numbered lists, headers and subheaders to break the copy up and make it more interesting.

Are you planning to embed your subtitles in the content?

We are giving away free subtitles to all users. If you want to make your own content more interactive and engaging, you can make use of it. Shoot us an email and we will provide you with a free subtitle for your video.

This year’s conference is all about practical solutions, so yes we will use subtitles. Subtitles are a great way to increase the activity of your talk, and video is a great way to share your ideas with a global audience.

Do you have the right timing and positioning?

A good product should be reachable at the right time and it should be available at the right place. If any product is not available at the right time and place, you can bet that customer will find a similar product that is at the right place.

Are you using the right language?

The main job of a copywriter is connecting with the customer emotionally so that he buys your product. 

There are three kinds of language that are used for this purpose: 

* Emotive – This language appeals to a customer’s emotion and senses. Use this language to an emotional response from the customer. 

* Active – Active language uses action verbs to make the copy more compelling and engaging. It makes your copy more powerful and persuasive. Looking for best hearing aids? Here’s the best hearing aids review

Are you keeping up with the changes?

Many times, the biggest changes are not those who are noticed at first. When a new product is launched, the most noticeable change is often the packaging. But while the packaging may change, the product itself remains the same.  The same can be said of many business trends, such as the birth of the Internet and the advent of mobile. When the changes are not immediately obvious, the general public may not notice them at all. It is up to the forward-thinking business owner, the innovative marketer, or the forward-thinking individual to recognize the importance of these changes.

Are you making your subtitles accessible?

Subtitles are made accessible by the use of some kinds of sign language gestures, and the practice is known as closed-captioning. This is primarily used with videos, TV shows and sports events, where the viewer’s sound is muted and they have the option of having their own captions turned on. The user must have a TV or monitor that is equipped with something called a decoder chip, and this decoder chip is a little black box that accepts the subtitles and turns them into text that the viewer can read. The chips are small and thin and you can hardly see it on your LCD or LED monitor.

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