Festivals and Festivities of Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is thought to be an orthodox Muslim state with strict anti-feminist and conservative rules and regulations. However, I would like to break these popular stereotypical notions with this indelible claim that Saudi Arabian is the culturally rich land with the age-old incredible traditions. It would be a superb decision to explore Saudi Culture during your Halal Holidays. It is cordially welcoming land with all the gleaming stuff you wish to soothe your eyes with.

Festivals and Festivities of Saudi Arabia

The Muslim fellas must spare some quality time to experience the culture of their Prophet (SAWW)’s a place after their Hajj or Umrah. Saudi dwellers celebrate the festivals and festivities with great zeal and zest. The Saudi Govt. has significantly declared a lenient approach in dress codes and women’s rights with the amiable consent for tourism promotion.

The Saudi youth is really joyous with these amiable leniencies. If you want to see the Saudi festivities then, then plan your visit during the time of Fairs and Festivals to see the Saudi citizens putting their foot down and swaying merrily.

Saudi National Holidays

The Saudi Kingdom is a really busy nation with a few national holidays. The country’s only official holidays are the holidays of Eid Ul Fitr marking the end of Ramadan, the Holiest month, Eid ul Azha and the Unification of the Kingdom day, a lesser-known Saudi holiday.

Saudi National Holidays

The Saudi Arabian Festivals

Here is an exciting catalog of the Jubilant Saudi Festivals to experience a fantabulous time in the Arabian environment.

Janadriyah National Festival

It is a fine example of Saudi exuberance to experience in the appeasing month of Spring and the soothing Wintry evenings. It is the two-week cultural festival organized in Riyadh. This festival contains the scintillating display of living history, military shows, the world’s fair and many more things.

Here you would see each Saudi province with its own pavilion with an appealing recreation of local architecture. The representatives there, are ever-ready to educate you about the history and wonders of their respective region.

After the all-day festival-fun, the food stalls with various cuisines are there to satiate your hunger. The other fun-filled festival activities are sports (including camel racing), dancing, arts, living history, falconry, traditional arts, and crafts.

Janadriyah National Festival

Jeddah Summer Festival

This Saudi event is popped up in summers of June containing 50 cultural and entertainment activities. For a memorably thrilling Summer break time, the jubilant experience of the bustling Summer festival would be a great choice of the 2020 summers. It is one of the most important talent show of Saudi Art and Culture and probably the best fair in Saudi Arabia. It includes exciting activities including theater performances, folk art, maritime shows, shopping activities, poetry evenings, and sports events.

Riyadh Spring Festival

Get ready to plan your April 2020 Saudi Arabia to sway in the spectacular Riyadh Spring Festival. Bedazzle by the pleasing scent of spring flowers of Riyadh this time in spring Jeddah festival which is is organized by the municipality of Riyadh, to attract the plethora of visitors to add up in the annual tourism revenue of Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh International Book Festival

A welcoming festivity for the book worms to deepen their knowledge and broaden their thoughts. The visitation of Riyadh for the book worms is an ample opportunity to become a part of the Riyadh International Book festival to explore a large number of book publications in numerous languages.

It is an open educational event for the masses of all age groups and backgrounds.  Even the children are provided with separate lovely amenities with various interactive programs and children literature.

Riyadh International Book Festival

Coffee Festival

The coffee is regarded as the second commodity in the Saudi world in terms of consumption and export. It is the must-visit place for the coffee-holics to satisfy their coffee cravings.

The Coffee-lovers can be a part of the coffee festival organized in the East of Jezan Province. This festival includes the worth of attending the coffee exhibition to introduce the importance of the Coffee Production Tradition in Saudi Arabia.