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Facts You Should Know About Power Plant Cleaning Services

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Power plants and energy facilities have very specific cleaning requirements. These requirements include environmental concerns, regulatory compliance, and safety and accident prevention. Industrial cleaning services must be performed with professional attention to meet these standards. One of these support services is power plant cleaning services. Comprehensive power plant cleaning services are important to ensure a power plant’s health and safety.

Nuclear Power Plants Face Stringent Cleaning Requirements

Nuclear power plants face several strict cleaning requirements to keep them operating safely. In addition, most of these plants are regulated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which holds them to the highest standards. There are two main types of nuclear plants. The first type produces electricity in small units, and the second produces large amounts. Nuclear power plants typically generate 900 megawatts to 1,100 megawatts.

Nuclear power plays a key role in global electricity supply, providing more than 2.4 petawatt hours worldwide in 2015. These plants are a clean, safe, and affordable energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide, a leading cause of climate change. Today, over 400 nuclear power plants operate in 31 countries worldwide, most located in North America and western Europe. There are also numerous plants in Asia, including Japan and South Korea. As of 2016, there are over 300 nuclear power plants worldwide.

The nuclear industry has improved its safety and economic performance over the past two decades following the disaster at Three Mile Island. Since then, safety margins have increased, while nuclear energy costs have remained stable and low.

Industrial Cleaning Services Ensure That Industry Standards Are Being Met

A good industrial cleaning service will know which standards apply to your industry and be able to help you comply with them. This means they can take care of everything from hazardous waste disposal to mold and mildew removal. Some companies may even offer specialized services that include lead and mercury cleanup. Industrial cleaning services have experience with these types of chemicals and will have specialized teams trained to handle these types of situations.

Industrial facilities often have hazardous materials, such as paints and petroleum products, that can interfere with daily operations. Also, older buildings may have a great deal of dust and dirt. Although industrial cleaning may not be a pleasant job, industrial facilities must stay sanitary and maintain their industry standards.

Industrial cleaning services must adhere to OSHA standards. The U.S. Labor Department sets these standards to protect workers. They ensure that safety standards are met and that workers are adequately trained to handle them. Companies should also provide appropriate safety equipment for their employees. Investing in cleanliness is well worth the effort.

Industrial cleaning services must be aware of changing industry trends. Therefore, they must constantly evaluate and improve their practices to keep up with changes in the industry. These changes will reduce the costs of training and turnover. In addition, the company should keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and practices to stay competitive.

Newbold Services Understands These Needs

The Newbold Services team is well aware of energy and power plants’ unique needs. These facilities must meet various regulations, environmental concerns, and safety requirements. A professional cleaning service is necessary to maintain a safe and productive working environment. Our team of specialists follows a proven cleaning protocol and meets with each project’s designated point of contact.