Facebook has changed the privacy settings again

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If you don’t care about Facebook privacy, you should do it now, at least that’s what Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants. That’s why Facebook has redesigned its privacy settings. Interestingly, in 2018, Facebook redesigned its privacy settings and said at the time that its purpose was to make it easier to find things. At the time, Facebook said users would not have to search for settings on 20 different screens but would have access to all in one place.

But now the policy has been changed and with the new redesign, Facebook said, ‘Settings have now been changed to a group of 6 major categories, each group will have several relevant settings. These groups will include the Accounts, Preferences, Audience and Visibility, Permissions, Your Information and Community Standards, and Legal Policies sections.

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According to the company, “now that privacy settings have been brought closer to people’s mental models,” it is clear that you will now have to use mental models to use these settings.

Now, what does this mean for the company? If your answer is that everything has now been facilitated, then congratulations you have understood the purpose of the company.

Now if you want to update the privacy settings you have to go through all the new categories and sub-categories one by one. Maybe one of them has an important setting, it’s just like finding a treasure.

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Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Facebook has been introducing these settings in iOS, Android, mobile web, and Facebook Lite apps since July 5.