Explainer Video Ideas That Are Highly Effective for Startups

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By Kaleem Ullah

Explainer videos have become increasingly popular in recent years in small and large businesses. Discover the value of breaking down their pitch into short. The attention-grabbing format that’s easy to watch on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

However, it can be challenging to develop a practical explainer video idea. That’s compelling and memorable enough to stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll look at some popular explainer video ideas. That will inform your target audience about the benefits of using your product without losing their attention.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short, one to a two-minute promotional video that introduces and pitches to potential customers. Explainer videos are typically animated or have simple graphics with a voiceover acting as a narrator. You can also check out this best startup podcast

The most common purpose of explainer videos is to introduce new products or services to viewers who may not be familiar with them. In recent years, they’ve become popular in startup marketing.

Types of Explainer Videos

1) Live-Action Explainer Videos:

A great explainer is that video production can lead to exponential growth in sales and profits. However, producing an engaging live-action explainer video is no easy task. There are several factors to consider. Including company branding, target audience, product/service offering, and even actor availability. 

It is essential to contact one of our expert providers before starting your project. So, we can help you find solutions tailored to your needs. After all, a great explainer video production is only as good as its script. So let us take care of that while you focus on other aspects of your business. 

We aim to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. It means taking into account any potential issues or problems before they arise. This way, we can ensure that when it comes time for launch day. No surprises are waiting in store for you or your audience.

2) Live streams on social media:

Market your startup to a wide range of potential investors, customers, and clients through live streams on social media. Choose channels like YouTube Live, Periscope, or Facebook Live and establish clear goals with measurable metrics. 

For example, if you’re trying to gain 500 new followers on Twitter in one month. Ensure your progress is visible and easily trackable by the following analytics and reporting features these social media platforms provide. 

You can also broadcast special events like an open house or a special speaker at an upcoming event in your office. An additional way to grow awareness around your brand. Invite members of local chambers of commerce or people in similar industries. 

3) Animated Explainer Videos:

In these times of social media and Instagram, it is a good idea to share your explainer videos with other social networks. This way, you can be sure to reach out to a broader audience who may not follow you directly on your website or via Facebook. 

You will have many options from which you can create an animated explainer video. You can either do it in-house if you have skilled designers or get it done by top explainer video companies. But whatever option you choose. 

Make sure they offer two things: 

  • High Quality
  • Best Pricing

If your competitors spend $100-$150 per minute, don’t go less than $100/minute yourself.

4) Whiteboard Explainer Videos:

The Whiteboard explainer videos are animated and appear on a blank whiteboard. Have become an everyday go-to strategy used by many businesses looking to create an explainer video for their startup. However, these types of videos are inexpensive to produce. 

They’re typically not very creative or unique in terms of story. However, if you’re starting as a company and your budget is tight. It’s worth taking into consideration. If you choose to use whiteboard animation as part of your company’s branding efforts. 

Need help producing it yourself at scale. There are several online platforms where you can find freelancers to create them. That will typically be cheaper than hiring a professional explainer video production agency. 

5 Best Explainer Videos Examples

  1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club was one of the first companies to use an explainer video as a pitch medium. It’s still regarded as one of if not the best in terms of quality. Their explainer video cost $4,500. If you go through them, how we made it series. 

They also collaborated with a professional film producer who helped ensure that every aspect was well done. That might be something worth looking into if you produce your explainer videos. Hiring professionals will save you time by getting better results faster.

The company was able to raise capital from angel investors. The overall goal of documentary-style videos like Dollar Shave Club’s is to build trust by showcasing your product or service in real-world settings instead of a sterile corporate office. 

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  1. PooPourri

An explainer video is a short, animated web or TV commercial, typically two to three minutes long. The animation helps visualize and present information about your business and product engagingly. As you might have guessed from its name. PooPourri is perhaps best known for its Before-You-Go Toilet Spray. 

The spray contains natural essential oils and aims to eradicate terrible bathroom smells Before they escape from your toilet bowl. PooPourri also offers other products such as body sprays and shower gels. PooPourri explains how each product works through cute characters set to catchy songs. 

They even have their app. You can download it on iOS or Android. An explainer video is best used when you’re trying to introduce a new concept or business idea to people. 

3) Mint

A small company can get by with an amateur explainer video when business is slow once it becomes clear that an idea is taking off. However, it’s time to look at your marketing strategy. Mint is why some businesses are better off with animation rather than live-action. 

One of their videos has become so popular that they have launched multiple spin-offs. Rather than stick with one exact script. Mint has allowed its creative team to create different videos around similar characters and storylines.

I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great explainer video. These designs are gorgeous, and their scripts and creativity are spectacular. They have made over 200 videos in less than two years, so they know what they do. 

4) Airbnb

Your explainer video should ideally explain who you are if you’re a startup. What problem do you solve, and how? One of my favorite startups is Airbnb. They have an excellent How It Works video. It’s quick and straightforward to watch. It has a strong call to action. If your startup doesn’t have much funding.

Consider creating a more informal elevator pitch type of explainer videos. You can also create an explainer video for your startup that shows how your product works, what it does, and why people should care about it. 

You want to get right to the point and show off your company’s best features. For example, if you’re an e-commerce company like Etsy, Shopify, or Wish. You could create an explainer video showing how easy. It is to shop on your site or app and how convenient. It is to buy things online rather than in stores.

5) Spotify

Listening to music is one of your favorite pastimes. It helps you relax and unwind. One of your friends on Facebook always has new music to share. He’s started a streaming service. You like his taste in music, so you decide to try it. You subscribe but don’t hear from him again until he asks if you want an upgrade with more features.

 Spotify is a global music streaming service. It’s where your friend got his start as an entrepreneur. Launching a business can be daunting at first. But your friend shared some tips on how to start a new business. Including choosing a business structure and picking a legal system based on what will work best for you.

 One of your main focuses should be building your business brand when launching a new business. Especially if you take on one of these five most common mistakes when creating a startup logo. And getting familiar with your target audience can help you grow and learn how best to appeal to them.

How to make an Explainer Video?

Step 1: Write the video script

Explainer videos cost less when they’re scripted. The secret to a good script is starting with a solid, exciting headline. Consider titling your script as if it were an advertisement. Of course, with an explainer video, you want to be more subtle and in-depth than an ad. 

But starting with something memorable will help ensure your final draft keeps visitors engaged throughout. The goal of any good explainer video is to create a conversation starter. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself provocative questions as you brainstorm that can help guide your entire script.

Step 2: Recording the voiceovers

Once your script is final, it’s time to record your voiceovers. You can have a professional do it or record it yourself using any recording software. Either way, make sure that your voiceover sounds professional. So, your viewers don’t get distracted and lose interest halfway through. Record your voiceovers in short sessions and do multiple takes. 

Also, be sure to proofread everything. It’s not uncommon for people to end up with strange pauses and inflections. So, edit everything and go back through each sentence. Several times to make sure there are no mistakes or stumbles in pronunciation. Proofreading is also good practice.

Step 3: Explainer video production

Achieving success with your explainer video may seem as simple as making a few animated characters talk in front of a whiteboard. But there’s a lot more to it than just doing a voiceover before you can launch your explainer video and make an impact.

It would help if you took some time to determine what you want your explainer video company to accomplish. To figure out how best to do that, you’ll want to develop specific goals. The type of goals will vary depending on what stage of business. You’re in, and what kind of goals will help propel you forward.

Step 4: Music & sound effects

The primary purpose is a professional voice recording with background music and sound effects. We do proper engineering magic on your audio file. So it sounds as natural as possible (no robotic voice). Our online text-to-speech service is powered by some of the leading representatives from providers. 

Explainer videos tell your brand’s story and make them memorable to customers. It grabs the audience’s attention with its creativity and distinct visual elements. An explainer video increases conversion rates by 80%. Almost 20 out of every 100 viewers are ready to buy a product. If they have liked what they have heard in an explainer video.

Step 5: Measure the performance of your explainer video

If you’re investing in an explainer video, it is essential to track how your explainer video is performing concerning your marketing goals. There are several metrics you can use to determine its performance. The most common metric used by businesses is engagement rate. 

It measures views and shares on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. E-commerce sites tend to have higher engagement rates than software companies do. Measuring how many people who viewed your explainer video went on to make a purchase or sign up for something.

Advantages of your New Explainer Video

  • A good explainer video can have many benefits to your company. 
  • Calculating how much money is a great way to decide if an explainer video is right for you. 
  • It will cost and weigh that against how much it will bring in. 
  • Video marketing doesn’t come cheap, but if you plan correctly. 
  • It can be one of your best investments. 
  • Explainers’ videos can sometimes exceed a million views, which most companies only dream. 

Check out our guide on what makes a great explainer video before deciding which company to go with. Some options are better than others.

Closing Remarks

An explainer video can help you save money and time on marketing. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal. But it’s not going to make or break your company. You don’t need an explainer video. Especially if you don’t want one. 

Have a rough script prepared before seeking bids from different vendors. It will give them an idea of what kind of production style and direction you’re going. If you hire the best explainer video companies, you’ll get better results.