Empowerment of Women in education and its part in Society-building


 Education is a fundamental right of every child. We should immediately work on our educational level to prepare this youth for the country’s development as its the basic necessity of the time. Adequate facilities are so vital to meet the immediate requirement of this country because we are already facing much inconsequence in the way of education.

Education is as significant for women as for men and it’s an equal right for everyone. Part of women is quite essential in studies in developed countries. We can not do wonders until women are not part of any organization. It’s time to empower women in education. We should provide equal facilities to females in education. We need to develop the areas all over Pakistan. We need to facilitate women with basic rights if we want a progressive country for our nation.

Punjab is excellently working on this fact just to provide the best possible facilities to women. As many schools colleges and universities have been opened to raise the level of education in Punjab. Punjab is working on a good education system in all developed and non-developed areas. As School Near Bahria Orchard have a good number of schools that are facilitating the people in the area of less population as well.

Why women are an essential part of education?

Not any country can do wonders until women are not a part of it. If we talk about any developed country then we can not separate the role of women from it. Unfortunately, the importance of women is not so important in our country and we don’t prioritize them as the developed countries do.

As someone said:-

“You educate a Man, you educate only Man.

If you educate a woman, then you educate an entire generation”.

So we can assume the part of women in education and its importance in society-building. An educated man makes a good community but with the help of educated women, they make a whole generation which is a necessity for a progressive’ developed country. Why do we need to focus on women’s education they are the leading part of the country they lead our generation they put the abilities in our children since they are born. They teach them how to take part in the development of the country because our generation is an asset that gives us new ideas with technicalities in the progression of the country.  It’s better to say as it makes the entire generation.

Need to make steps to prioritize women’s education in society

If we want the betterment of our society then we need to make immediate steps or need to prioritize education for women as well. Why Europe is ahead in studies because they are giving equal opportunities to men and women. Everyone is taking an equal part to make the standard of the country high in every aspect. Thousands of our students move to other countries in order to get a better education or to get the best opportunity for a job in any sector. So, one question is raised here what do we have to make the standard of our country better? If we work on this step then we can save our whole nation.

We immediately need to work on it. Pakistan is considered to be a poor country because of the lack of facilities for education. If the educational system is not good then automatically it’s affecting the country in all ways economically’ educationally’ socially’ developmentally’ politically and in many other aspects as well.

Education is a key focus area for students but the fact of gender equality is also important in it if we want to enhance the capabilities of the nation. Gender equality is an equal human right in society. But we are facing a continuous gap in gender equality which is leading to a lack of abilities in our generation and in access to opportunities or decision-making powers of women and men.

We need to learn about the basic rights of humans and about equal opportunities for every gender. It empowers women and gives them the ability to stand in the progression of the country.  Equality should be treated everywhere as it’s the right of every person. If women will be treated fairly and equally then the nation will be stronger in every aspect. Punjab is working on this aspect fairly as The Punjab School is offering the highest level of education equally and many other schools located in School near Bahria Orchard are best in this aspect.

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