Dog CBD Treats: 5 Things You Should Know About Them

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By Kaleem Ullah



Have you recently discovered the wonderful world of Cannabidiol and have you started thinking about joining it? Well, to be more precise here, you have probably started thinking of letting your pet join this wonderful world. There are Cannabidiol products out there made for humans, and then there are those made for animals, and our task for the day is to focus on the latter ones. Of course, Cannabidiol is worth exploring in itself, which is why you should learn more about it.

That is not precisely what you are here for today, though. You are here to further explore a specific CBD product that is made for animals, because you want to decide whether your dog should consume it or not. The title reveals which product I am talking about, so there is no point in trying to keep it a secret due to some dramatic writing effects or something similar. Basically, you are here to explore CBD treats.

Why haven’t you bought these products for your dogs by now? I think I know the answer to that. You are a responsible owner who wants to take perfect care of their pets, meaning that you would never add certain products to their diet without first doing proper research about those products. That is why you haven’t rushed into buying CBD treats – because you first want to do your learning.

Well, this is most definitely the right move. Every pet owner should do this type of research on practically any of the products that they are thinking of giving to their animals, and CBD treats shouldn’t be an exception. So, it is a good thing that you have decided to do thorough research on this topic before going any further, as there are certainly some important things you should know about CBD treats for dogs and I’ll list some of those below.

Here is what you should know about Cannabidiol for dogs: 

  • They Are Safe

First things first, we need to address the question of safety. When you first heard about these products and Cannabidiol in general, you were probably worried about their safety. In fact, you might still be worried about that, in case you haven’t done any research whatsoever addressing this particular question. Well, I think it’s time for you to get your facts straight on this once and for all.

CBD treats are undeniably completely safe for all mammals, including your dogs. I know that you might be worried since the Cannabidiol used in the production is derived from cannabis. Well, there are two reasons why you shouldn’t worry. First of all, Cannabidiol is not hallucinogenic. And, secondly, when used in the creation of products for animals, it is actually derived from hemp, which is the safest cannabis plant.

  • They Are Not Psychoactive

Even though you know that hemp is the safest cannabis plant, you might find yourself wondering whether it can still be psychoactive and whether, thus, CBD treats are psychoactive. Well, here’s the short and clear answer. No! CBD treats aren’t psychoactive, as they don’t contain any THC at all. In fact, hemp isn’t psychoactive either because it contains up to 0.3% of the psychoactive compound mentioned above, i.e. THC, which certainly isn’t enough to produce a hallucinogenic effect or be harmful in any other way.

  • They Are Both Supplements And Drugs

You might have found out that some people are using CBD treats in order to help their dogs overcome certain illnesses and medical problems. Then, you might have also found out that other owners are adding these products to the diets of their healthy animals. This contradiction might have confused you, but there is actually no reason to be confused at all, since all of those uses are perfectly legitimate.

In other words, CBD treats can act both as supplements and as drugs. This simply means that your healthy dogs can benefit from them just like any dogs that might be struggling with certain medical problems. So, when you come across the CBD treats for dogs by Holistapet or by any other manufacturer, you should always keep in mind that they are not designed only for those canines that are suffering and that need to get some medial help.

  • They Can Be Quite Helpful

Speaking of help, though, you should definitely know that CBD treats can be extremely useful for dogs and their overall wellbeing. Among other things, they can reduce and eliminate pain, alleviate anxiety, regulate appetite and sleep, as well as help treat issues such as epileptic seizures and even cancer in some instances. The bottom line is that these products can have a rather positive impact on the health of your pets, which is why you should definitely give them a go at one point or another.

  • Their Quality Can Differ

When you decide to give them a go, however, you should be aware of one specific thing that will help you choose the best CBD treats for your animals. Basically, their quality can differ significantly, depending on who is making them. This further means that you should do proper research on the manufacturers before buying these products, because you want to be sure that you are getting the very best for your animals. Don’t ever compromise the quality just because you have come across some cheap options and make sure to always shop from reputable places.

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