DIY Betta Fish Toys: 6 Steps to Making Your Own

Betta fish are small and timid. They don’t need toys to keep them entertained but plenty of other fish do. If you have a Betta, you need to help them out. They are very shy, hiding most of the time. But when they are let out of the fish bowl, they are very active and playful. This website can help you to get more information.

Providing toys for your Betta fish is a great way to keep them active and stimulated. In this article, we will discuss the different types of Betta fish toys and the best ways to make your own DIY Betta fish toys.

Make a Betta Fish Toy From PVC Pipe

You can make a toy for your Betta fish with PVC pipe and a few other supplies.

  1. PVC Pipe- about 3 feet long
  2. Bathtub Plug- size of the hole depending on what you want it to be filled with
  3. Scissors
  4. Small piece of mesh or wire netting
  5. Attaching material- string, twist ties, wire, etc.

Make Betta Fish Toy From Plastic Bottle

One toy you can make is a Betta fish toy from a plastic bottle. All you need to do is cut the top off of the plastic bottle, then remove the lid and make sure that there are no sharp edges. Then fill the bottle up with water and place it in your fish’s tank. Your Betta will feel more comfortable playing with this toy than they would with a standard piece of food.

Make Betta Fish Toy From Noodles

In order to make your own DIY Betta fish toy from noodles, you will need:

  • – a piece of cardboard
  • – a marker
  • – scissors

Make Betta Fish Toy From String and Beads

  1. Cut a piece of string or yarn that is about three feet long.
  2. Tie one end to the bowl and the other end to the corner of a bead mat.
  3. Add beads to the mat so it hangs in a place where your Betta fish can reach it with his mouth but not escape.
  4. Put your Betta fish in the bowl, they will love this simple toy.

Make a Betta Fish Toy From Paper Towel Tube

  1. Cut the tube in half so you have two circles.
  2. Fold over one circle and glue it together with the other circular end. You now have a paper towel tube that is open on both ends.
  3. Cut out shapes from cardstock or construction paper and glue them to one of the ends of your paper towel tube
  4. Let it dry then watch your Betta fish enjoy their new toy.

Make a Betta Fish Toy From Sponges

One of the easiest DIY Betta fish toys you can make is a sponge toy. Sponges are inexpensive and easy to find. Cut off a section of the sponge that is approximately 3 inches long. Put it in a bowl or jar with some water and place it in your Betta tank. Your Betta will go crazy for this homemade toy.

Make a Betta Fish Toy from Old Christmas Ornament

So, what could you use to make a DIY Betta fish toy? You can make a great toy for your Betta using an old Christmas ornament.

  1. Get an ornament that is small enough for the Betta to hold in its mouth.
  2. Place some treats inside the ornament and seal it shut.
  3. Tie a ribbon or string to the top of the ornament so that you can hang it from the tank.
  4. Make sure your Betta can reach this toy easily by lowering it into the tank so that it is just below water level.
  5. Hang the ornament in the tank and watch your Betta go crazy for this new toy.


Betta fish are beautiful, easy-to-care-for creatures and make excellent pets. They’re also quite intelligent and have been known to learn to recognize their owners. (Especially if they’re fed a little different food)

Betta fish are also quite active and need entertaining. If you’re looking for a simple and environmentally friendly way to provide your pet with exercise, fun, and stimulation while saving money and reducing waste, then these DIY betta fish toys are perfect for you.

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