Different Ways to Protect Your App Idea from Your Competitors When Outsourcing

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It’s been a while since the introduction of the first mobile application, yet the idea of a new application still excites users. This also accounts for leading app stores teaming up with various mobile applications and launching them for users. The number of applications being launched every day gives a strong indication of the mobile application industry in the future.

With the growth and introduction of new applications almost every day, more companies are now coming up with numerous startup ideas and are launching their applications. Companies want users to unleash unique apps that have the best features and offer a phenomenal user experience.

If you are an entrepreneur in the mobile application domain, you would surely want users to gain a great experience while using your application. However, launching your application not only includes coming up with an idea, but you also need to ensure that your innovation does not get stolen by others. Other developers can steal your application name along with the concept if they get the slightest idea.

So do you want to keep your project safe from thieves around or prevent someone else from getting the credits for something that you have created? Well, most application entrepreneurs have learned the hard way, and you surely don’t want to be one of them. The following points will give you ideas about how to protect your mobile application idea from thieves.

Share Information Carefully

It is an obvious step that you need to take while coming up with a new application. Although in some cases, sharing your idea is essential, you need to make sure that you are sharing your plan with someone reliable. When you launch an application, you need to share your project with the technical development team and clients; however, you don’t need to share every detail of your idea while Outsource App Development India.

The less you reveal your idea, the less probability for someone can steal it. While sharing your project, ensure that you are only sharing it with individuals involved in your business and not with people having no role in your product or venture.

Choose Your Professional Relationship Carefully When Outsourcing App Development service

While you are launching your very first product or application, you need to work with reputable brands. If you can build your app from scratch, go ahead. However, when you are outsourcing professionals to work on your behalf, you should make your decision wisely.

Before selecting a freelancer to work with, review all testimonials and screen all third parties involved carefully. Well-reputed third-party application developers and contractors will have no trouble offering you all the information needed. When you work with well-rated professionals, you get a well-performing application, and your data remains safe as well. While outsourcing services choosing authenticate sources is also crucial. Often developers and entrepreneurs get trapped in fraudulent activities that lead to tremendous losses for their business.

Use a Non-disclosure Agreement

For an entrepreneur, an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) is crucial to keep your idea protected from thieves around. The contract essentially aims at protecting your plan from being reused or shared with individuals. Some individuals might end up using your project for their benefit. Whether you are working with contractors, associates, or clients, an NDA helps in idea protection.

It is, however, not guaranteed that your idea is 100% safe while Outsourcing App Development in India. That is why it is predominant to work with credible freelancers and developers even if you have an NDA. You will also get in touch with investors who will not be willing to sign the NDA before the discussion. It is a good sign, and you should explain your business plan in detail to your investors.

Contact a specialized attorney while preparing any legal document for your business. Discuss your product, needs, and expectation from your business with your attorney to form a well-drafted NDA for your business.

Non-compete Agreements

Non-compete Agreement is very similar to NDA; however, here the main aim is to protect your idea from rival companies. It refrains any freelancers, contractors, or developers working on your project from sharing information related to your project with other rival companies. The best part is that your developers will not be allowed to work with rival brands for a certain period. It also means that developers can be out of work and will not be able to work with clients of their choice.

It might be a challenge to find developers who are willing to sign this agreement, but with the right compensation and agreement, you should be able to convince developers to sign your contract.

Copyright Your Application

Copyright is a well-known term for entrepreneurs and companies. New entrepreneurs need to Copyright their ideas and product before making them available for customers.

The possibility of your idea being stolen increases when you don’t copyright your idea.

You can copyright all code elements and UI of your application; however, it is ideal for someone who plans to copy the entire application without making any alterations. Also, mobile application copyright is comparatively less compared to other alternative options available.

Trademark Your Application

Just like Copyright, a trademark is another well-known term for developers, brands, and entrepreneurs. Trademark restricts competitors from using your company’s logo, icons, names, and other indicators that separate your brand from others in the market. It goes a long way and restricts other competitor brands from taking the same route.

For instance, the top used mobile applications like WhatsApp, Angry Birds, and Facebook has a trademark license. Their unique logos recognize these applications; you can identify each of these applications by looking at the color of their logo. When you are launching a product, you need to protect your brand’s identity by registering a trademark.

Patent Mobile Application

A patent is an intellectual form of property protection that application developers should adapt to stop rivals from developing similar applications. Acquiring a patent right, however, can be a lengthy and tiring process. If you face any difficulty in getting a patent right for your product, you can reach out to any patent service provider around you.

Also, since it is an extensive process, you need to start applying for a patent as soon as you come with an idea. When you look for an attorney to help you with a patent application, the entire process becomes very smooth.


It would be best if you don’t lose your sleep thinking about how to protect your project ideas. When you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will surely be able to protect your mobile application idea from thieves around.

Also, even if your application outshines other applications available in the market, it is always a good idea to release the basic design and features first, note its performance, and then release the entire application. It will also allow you to make changes based on the users’ experience.

When you follow all these steps, we are sure that you will be able to keep your idea safe from others or at the time of Outsourcing App Development service. Also, while working on any legal document for your business, research well, read reviews and then select an attorney.