Desert Safari Dubai Timing and best pricing – Complete guide

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By Kaleem Ullah



Hello there! I’m here to tell you about a great activity to do in UAE is Desert Safari Dubai. It’s a chance to get out of the city and into the desert for an overnight safari with your friends or family. The best part is that it’s all-inclusive so no need for extra cash or credit cards.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai is perfect for those who love the desert and don’t mind getting up early. The morning begins with a drive through the desert, picking up from your hotel in time for breakfast at the camp. Then it’s off again on another safari where you’ll stop for lunch at a Bedouin camp before returning to your hotel.

It’s also great if you want to spend more time at one of these camps. This tour includes some amazing meals (and even more amazing views), plus plenty of activities like camel trekking, sand boarding, dune bashing and quad biking on high sand dunes.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

The evening desert safari is one of the most popular tours in Dubai, and for good reason. It’s at its best when the sun has set and it’s time to Entertainment shows and BBQ Buffet Dinner. You’ll start with a short drive to your first stop at an open-air market where you can shop for souvenirs and enjoy some local Emirati Dress for ladies, kids and males.

After that, it’s off into the desert with our professional driver who will take you through some breathtaking views as well as some challenging obstacles. You may even get lucky enough to spot a few animals during this part of your trip. The last part of this experience involves getting back at Desert Safari Camp where we will have dinner together while enjoying some drinks from our bar cart along with live music from local artists playing traditional Arabic songs on karaoke machines around us and some other traditional shows.


Overnight Desert Safari

You can do an overnight desert safari with a campfire and dinner, or you can even sleep under the stars. If you’re looking for an exciting way to explore Arabian Desert, this is the perfect way and a complete dentures activity for your family.

Desert safari in Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert is the largest desert in the world and also known as the Arabian Peninsula. It’s located in the Middle East, surrounded by mountains on three sides and ocean on one side. There are many different rock types found here such as sandstone, limestone, granite and shale which makes it an interesting place to visit!

The desert has lots of sand dunes along with some beautiful landscapes like oases where you can find palm trees growing naturally or if you’re lucky enough they might have even been planted by someone else at some point in time.

Desert Safari Dubai Price

Desert Safari Dubai price in Arabian Desert depends on the duration and packages available at a particular time point. However, it’s generally around 100 AED per person for 6 hours, although there are some other activities are available with extra rates too if you want to get more thrill like Quad Biking Dune Buggy riding.


I hope that you find the right desert safari for your trip. After doing this activity you can say that you have completed your Dubai’s trip in real words. It’s a complete activity for a family including kids and a group of friend.