Coronavirus Funny Quarantine Memes

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In the wake of the Coronavirus, governments in different countries of the world locked down and ordered the people to stay in their homes for two weeks. Citizens experiencing lockdowns were affected, which caused them to become homesick within a few days as they had no other time to spend.

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Citizens living in Quarantine shared some interesting videos on the social networking site twitter and reported that they were spending their boredom like this.

In this regard, Twitter is running the #QuarantineGames hashtag, using which quarantine citizens are sharing their own exciting videos aimed at encouraging and entertaining others.

Earlier, videos of Italian citizens went viral, standing together in the balcony to encourage each other and remove their boredom, singing national songs together, thus encouraging them to fight the virus and end their fears.

The first case of the Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, in December. After the deadly virus triggered the devastation and it has reached more than 150 countries worldwide today.

The death toll from the Coronavirus has so far reached 7,499 worldwide. While new cases have been reported, and the number of patients has increased. In all, there were 1 888 298 cases of Corona reported worldwide, of which 80 thousand 848 are now fully recovered.