Why is it Very Much Important for the Kids to be Clear About the Concept of the Unit Circle?

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By John Wick


Unit circle as the name itself is clear is the circle of unit radius. A circle is a geometric figure which is closed and does not have any kind of angles or sides. The unit circle will be having the all basic properties of the circle but one thing that is there which makes it very much unique is that it comes with a specific equation of the circle. The unit circle is very much useful in terms of driving the standard angle values of the trigonometry ratios. And has a very immense amount of relevance in the world of mathematics.

Unit circle is the circle which has a radius of one unit and this particular unit circle has been perfectly represented on the cartesian coordinate plane.

  1. It can be perfectly represented with the help of a 2nd-degree equation with two variables which will be X and Y.
  2. The unit circle also has different kinds of applications in the world of trigonometry. And is very much capable of finding out different kinds of values of tangent, cosine, and other options.
  3. The locus of a point which will be the distance of one unit from the fixed point is known as the unit circle. And this is the official definition of it.

What do you need to know about the equation of the unit circle?

The general equation will be the X – A whole square + Y – B whole square = radius square.

The equation of the circle has been perfectly simplified to represent the equation of the unit circle very easily. The unit circle will always be formed at the center point of 0,0 which will be considered as the origin of the coordinate axis. Hence, in the simplified version. The equation of the unit circle is termed as X square + Y Square is equal to 1. In this particular case, the radius of the unit circle will be one unit. The above equation will be satisfying the point is lying on the circle across all four quadrants very easily without any kind of problem.

The kids also need to be clear about the finding of the calculations in terms of trigonometry functions. With the utilization of the unit circle because the Pythagoras theorem is also directly linked with this. The radius of the circle will help in representing the hypotenuse of the right triangle. Which is the main reason that being clear about basic concepts is very much important.

The unit circle will also help in representing the complete angle of two into the value of pi radius. And the unit circle can be divided into four quadrants very easily with different kinds of angles. The points on the unit circle for all these kinds of angles will be representing the standard angle value of the cosine and sine ratio. Hence, it is very much important to be clear about all these kinds of things. So that trigonometry ratio values can be accurately calculated and there is no hassle at any point in time.


Further, it is also very much important to be clear about the unit circle. And trigonometric identities because they will be very much capable of representing things very carefully. Being clear about the identities is very much important because this particular theorem will state. That in the cases of the right-angle triangle the square of the hypotenuse will be equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides. So, the unit circle also has a very good relevance in this particular area.

Hence, registering the kids on platforms like Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that they have a good command over the trigonometric table apart from the basic things. Being clear about the table values is the key to success so that they can solve the questions very easily. And never have to face any kind of problem in the whole system.