Where To Get A Tattoo? Here Are The Common Placement Ideas

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There are various places where you can get a tattoo. With the popularity of tattoos, settling for a placement area can be challenging. However, first-timers should start with a less sensitive part for first-timers. It’s also best to note that pain and healing duration may differ from one person to another.

Upper Ribcage

Get a rib cage tattoo that doesn’t extend too far toward the abdomen. The tattoo will remain newer for longer because it’s protected from harmful UV rays. In addition, if you get pregnant, the ribcage may not stretch, and the ink will remain intact. Most people prefer the ribcage over the abdomen when getting their first tattoo.


You can get either a tattoo on the inner or outer arm. Avoid tattooing the outer arm to prevent fading if you are always outdoors. You can get a smaller design on the biceps or elbow if you want a hidden tattoo. This way, the ink will not be exposed to UV rays, which breaks it down.


The neck is a sensitive spot with thinner skin and lots of movement, so the pain levels may be high. Healing may also take a little longer due to movement. However, a neck tattoo is worth it.


The wrist is a good choice for a delicate and small tattoo, although the area has a lot of nerve-end endings. You can cover the wrist with long sleeves or a bracelet after healing if you want to hide the ink.


For some people, the process is painful, while others feel differently. Any opinion is okay, depending on pain tolerance levels and the tattoo’s size. Note that the tattoo is visible when you wear sandals or shorts.


Thighs are one of the easiest places to get a tattoo. It’s also among the most comfortable places to ink because you’ll lie down comfortably, breathe easily, and control the pain. You can also conceal the tattoo by wearing long dresses.


The biceps are an excellent location for a tattoo, especially if you want to cover a large area at once. The biceps are muscular, which means the machine won’t get close to the bones, thus reducing pain. You’ll also sit comfortably in a chair and talk with an artist or a friend during the procedure.


Your calf muscles are muscular, and they are a good choice. In addition, tattoos on the calf look newer because they are easier to hide with clothing. It’s also easier to tolerate pain because you’ll lie on your stomach, and you can easily drift off into sleep.


A shoulder is a nice choice for a tattoo. The area has muscles to provide cushioning for the needles. It can accommodate smaller, larger, or photorealism tattoos that can be hidden under the clothes unless you wear a top with an open back or tank top.


If you want a unique tattoo location, the back of your neck is an ideal location. The position is comfortable, and you can try to control the pain. Since it’s not exposed to sunlight, the tattoo can stay newer for longer, especially if you have long hair to cover it.

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The back is a prime spot for a tattoo because it is stable. A back tattoo will be covered most of the time to prevent the area from UV ray exposure. Thus, the tattoo won’t wrap as you age.

You can get a tattoo on any part of your body, but always consider the location. The placement will determine the pain levels and how long the ink will look good. Some places are exposed to the sun, which will fade the tattoo.