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Common Mistakes When Buying A Throw Blanket

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A throw blanket serves the function of providing warmth and comfort, all while adding an aesthetic touch to your home decor. However, not all blankets are created equal, and some of them may leave you feeling less than satisfied. Here are eight common mistakes when buying a throw blanket that can help you avoid these errors and ensure you get the most out of your investment in this timeless home decoration.

1) Overlooking Fabric Quality

While most throw blankets look warm and comfortable, don’t be fooled. Some are made of cheap fabric that won’t offer you everlasting comfort. To ensure you get your money’s worth, select a throw blanket made from 100% acrylic (or polyester) material. Acrylic is an artificial fiber created from petroleum byproducts, which means it’s soft and easy to clean. It also doesn’t pill or shed like wool does over time. Polyester is another synthetic fiber that has many of the same qualities as acrylic; however, it can stretch out over time if not cared for properly.

2) Not Considering Color Choice

A throw blanket can be used in all sorts of situations. It could be for warmth when you’re watching TV, or to keep you cozy on a chilly night. Just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean that it has to clash with your color scheme, though! Check out throw blankets in neutral tones that will match any room and look at home just about anywhere.

3) Getting the Wrong Size

Make sure you measure your blanket correctly before buying. Since throw blankets come in different sizes, make sure you know what size fits your needs. Some common dimensions for throw blankets are Twin (38 x 75), Queen (50 x 70), King (76 x 80) and California King (72 x 84). If you get an oversized blanket, it can overwhelm a smaller living space or couch and become cumbersome to move around.

4) Not Considering Weight Considerations

Everlasting comfort is vital when buying a throw blanket. If you’re looking for lasting comfort, don’t choose something that weighs three pounds. To achieve everlasting comfort, you need to buy lightweight material and size accordingly. If your throw blanket is too large, it won’t be able to provide ultimate warmth; if it’s too small, you won’t feel safe cuddling up with your favorite stuffed animal. As with all things in life, moderation is key.

5) Skipping the Care Instructions

The key to keeping your throw blanket in good condition is following instructions. To enjoy everlasting comfort, you need to launder it correctly; pay attention to care labels and follow them carefully. If you want your throw blanket to be strong and soft for many years, follow basic washing instructions and use gentle detergents. Also, never dry clean unless specifically recommended by manufacturer. A lot of throw blankets are made with synthetic materials that could be damaged by heat during drying process.

6) Failing to Make Sure it Stays Plush

Once you’ve purchased a throw blanket, you might be tempted to pull it out of its packaging and start using it right away. But that’s not always a good idea. Some blankets can lose their softness over time—even if they are made from high-quality materials. In fact, most experts recommend storing your throw blanket in an airtight container for at least 24 hours before use so that it has a chance to regain some of its loftiness. You may also want to consider washing your throw before putting it on your bed or sofa; many manufacturers recommend doing so before use as well.

7) Buying a Cheap Copycat Knockoff

The problem with cheap throw blankets is that they don’t last. They tend to rip or tear much quicker than expensive versions. Cheap blankets are also made with lower-quality materials, so it’s going to look like your dog chewed up your blanket sooner rather than later. If you’re buying on price alone, you’ll wind up spending more money and getting less comfort in return as you buy new blankets frequently. Real comfort comes from having an investment that lasts forever.