Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Security Guard

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By John Wick

Security guards are responsible for protecting your property and the safety of your employees. In addition to this, security guards also provide you with peace of mind knowing that they are there to protect your own.

In some cases, security guards can be an expensive solution to a problem. This is especially true when hiring a guard for significant events like weddings, parties, or concerts. Security guards can be helpful if used correctly and in the right situation. For example, when appropriately used at night when no one is around, security guards offer little or no risk to your property but great peace of mind. At night, security guards are often used to prevent theft and vandalism but can also be used to patrol your property.

Here are the common misconceptions about hiring a security guard:

It Requires No Training

Security guards are often hired for their physical strength and size. This is not the case.

Security guards must get trained in a wide range of skills that include:

  • How to deal with a situation in which a crime has occurred
  • How to deal with different types of situations
  • The types of crimes that may occur when someone enters your property
  • What kind of crimes you may need to prevent from happening as well as how to prevent them from occurring

They Do Not Do Anything

Security guards do not just stand around and watch the property. Instead, they are trained to help you deal with different situations that may occur. For example, a security guard could be asked to patrol the property at night to prevent theft or vandalism. A security guard may also be asked to patrol the property during the daytime. This is especially important if you have a business or home office where clients can come and go.

They All Carry Guns

Security guards are not just restricted to patrolling the property. They may also be asked to patrol the property with a gun. This is especially true if there are dangerous animals on the property. For example, they may patrol the property with a gun if you have employees who work on your property.

They Are Paid By the Hour

Security guards do not get paid by the hour like some other employees in the business world. Instead, they are paid by salary or commission depending on what you want them to do for you. For example, they might have an hourly rate that they must adhere to keep their job.

They Are Too Expensive

This is not true because security guards are not that expensive. Sure, they may cost a bit more than an employee, but they are worth it because they are more qualified to work with your property and protect it. So when looking for security guard services in Austin, Texas, consider the salary they expect to get from you.

They Are Not Qualified

Security guards must have years of experience and be trained before hiring them. The training is to know how to use the equipment they need to keep the property safe and secure. This is especially important if there is a dangerous animal on the property or dangerous people coming onto your property.

They Are Not Good People

Security guards are not employees who work for you for a salary or commission; they become part of your family. They get along with your employees and help ensure that your clients feel welcome when they come over to see you or meet with you. They also make sure that your clients are safe and protected.

They Are Not Honest

Security guards are always honest and do not steal from you or take advantage of you. Instead, they try to keep everything on the up and make sure that they are not doing anything illegal to get what they want from you.

They Are Not Reliable

They are reliable and will always come to work on time and make sure that they are there to protect your property and keep it safe. They are not very picky about their hours as long as they get paid for them, so you do not have to worry about this when employing a security guard.

As you can see, security guards are crucial in keeping your business safe and ensuring that your clients feel welcome. They also provide you with peace of mind and help protect your property from theft and other unwanted intrusions.