Circular fibre- Things you need to know

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By Kaleem Ullah

How often do you spend a significant amount of money on buying clothes and do not wear them more than two to three times or discard the dresses because you do not like the fit or the colour? Do you know what happens to these clothes? All these clothes go to textile landfills and contribute to soil pollution. So if you care for the environment, you should consider buying only recyclable clothes and promoting the Circularity of textiles. Or you can consider giving away your used clothes to charity shops or recycling stores. 

However, it is important to note that not all fibres are reusable and recyclable. Only wool, a circular fibre, can be used to align with the circular economy. This is because wool can go through many phases like Renew, Reuse, Remove and Reduce, Regenerate, Repair & Recycle, and Reconnect.

Renew– Wool is obtained from a renewable resource. Wool is naturally grown on sheep’s bodies, the same as hair grows on the human body. Moreover, if the sheep’s fleece is not removed seasonally, it builds up and can harm the sheep’s health.

Reuse- To reduce the negative impact of garments on the environment, you must use your clothes multiple times. Because the number of times a cloth is worn significantly influences the overall environmental impact of that garment. 

Remove and Reduce- Wool can help reduce waste and remove pollution. Just like human hair, wool is made of 100% natural biodegradable protein and hence can readily decompose in the soil and is completely biodegradable in marine environments. 

Regenerate natural systems– Sheep, a grazing animal, is part of the regenerative agriculture system. Sheep act as natural fertilisers for the soil and provide essential nutrients. They are a vital part of biodiversity and play a key role in grassland systems.

Repair and recycle– Wool is undoubtedly one of the most recyclable fibres known to humanity. Even if it has finished its long service life with one individual, it can be donated, sold or used to make a new yarn from which a new garment can be made.

Reconnect- The wool supports the livelihood of many communities worldwide and has upheld the traditional practice of weaving, knitting, dyeing and garment making.

Further, here are the top three reasons you should go for recyclable clothing; continue reading!

More than just style

When you buy clothes, probably the thing that remains on the top of your mind is that the clothes are stylish. Right? With recyclable wool clothing, you are not only assured of style but also that the clothes you are buying are going to give back to the environment. Wool is a one-of-its-kind fibre that helps environmental sustainability and allows you to flaunt different styles. When you purchase recyclable clothes, you can ensure you are lending your hand to protect the environment.

Most affordable clothing

Besides being stylish and helping you contribute to the environment, it is pretty surprising that these clothes are affordable too. It is uncommon for people to not opt for recycled clothing because it is too expensive. Hence, more and more people are shifting to these kinds of clothing and are pretty content with the outcome as the price of these garments is not stopping them from making their share in protecting the environment. 


Recyclable clothes are also a trend as they last for a decent period. This is quite understandable since the name might confuse you into thinking that these clothes are unreliable. However, it is essential to note that to enjoy extra durability and top-notch quality, you need to buy them from the right store that promotes Circularity.

By now, you must be quite curious to try out recycled clothing. Take your time and ensure you can get the clothes from a reputed store that offers pure fabric. Don’t simply opt in for them from anywhere you might come across.