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Choosing the right design and size for yard signs

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By Kaleem Ullah

Yard signs are popular with businesses and individuals alike. Some use them for commercial purposes, and others include them in fun party themes. No matter what, printers and resellers have to offer the best design to help them find their type. Designing a yard sign is a creative process, where one has to ensure attention to details based on the understanding of customers’ demands. If you wish people should buy your signage boards, you must make them appealing and perfect for the occasion. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Content planning 

You can plan things for creating your yard signs to save your precious time. Ideally, dedicating 15 minutes to this can be sufficient to avoid printing mistakes around dates, mailing addresses, etc. So, start on a piece of paper or your computer to note down the purpose of the yard sign, nature of the event, branding needs, and others. When you know the goal and expectations, it becomes easier to visualize the design. 

Some yard signs include a phone number or email only, while others require a website link and physical address. So, it can be another critical matter to consider. At the same time, you can mention the type of image, colors, fonts, photos, and logos that should go into it. Anything that merits its presence in the signboard should find its place. 

Choice of headline

You have to be sure about the headline or title of the signage. Since it tends to be the largest text, you must select it carefully. Make sure it incorporates only one headline for the convenience of the onlookers or passersby. The headlines can be a simple command or phrase, such as ‘Parking Here,’ ‘Shop Now,’ etc.


After determining the elements, you can design the board, starting with the headline. Once the large text goes there, you can decide the position and length of other components, such as logo, contact information, and sub-headline. Make sure you keep everything simple to help people scan them, whether they glance at it while walking, bicycling, or driving. 

Single or both sides of the sign

When sketching the design, you have to keep both sides of the yard sign in mind. These will be different from each other. Some printers apply the same properties on both ends. However, when adding features like directional arrows, you cannot take the same approach. Sometimes yard signs get visibility from one direction only. In that case, you don’t have to create prints on both sides. It will allow you to save your time, effort, and money also. 

Size options

Again, there is no shortage of choices in sizes. When you visit a trade printer for wholesale yard signs, you get a vast range. Still, popular yard sign sizes are 6″x24,” 12″x18,” and 18″x24.” These are most probably without the stakes. Although these are common picks, you cannot make arbitrary decisions around them. Several factors can play a crucial role in this. For example, the length of the message and design is one.

Another thing is the location. You don’t require large formats if your clients want them at traffic intersections or closer to roads. Else, those can be the better choice.


There can be varieties in materials, but going with fluted or corrugated plastic can be the best thing. Such a surface can tolerate any weather condition, except windy climate due to the lightweight structure. Hence, it would be best if you considered this aspect. 

Where to get it printed?

Whether you need a single yard sign or in bulk, you will need printing support to get it ready. If you don’t have proper equipment and space, you cannot risk it at home. Nowadays, wholesale printers are accessible online. You can approach them for printing and shipping assistance, avoiding the retail prices. They can deliver your order to the correct address at lower pricing.

So, if you are a print seller or reseller, you can partner with these vendors to ensure a quick turnaround time for your customers. The process is also simple. You only have to open your account on their platform, provide specifications and personal details, pay, and get your item delivered. 

If you never thought that printing service could be comfortable and lucrative, it is time to explore these options. Wholesale printers provide excellent customer support and printing quality to keep you hooked. When your business grows, they also progress by default as you use them for printing and delivery.  These third parties don’t care about end-users but you.

Hence, you can expect some of them to offer blind shipping flexibility. Your wholesale trade printer will supply the final product. However, your customer will never realize it was not you. They will assume the product has come from your facility. That’s why it can be an ideal way of doing business.