Checklist for Giving Your Phone for Repair at a Phone repair store

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By Kaleem Ullah

Smartphones are a device used every day by almost everyone. No matter how careful you are, there comes a time when the gadget starts malfunctioning, and you need to send it to a phone repair store. But with so much personal data available on your smartphone, you cannot just send it. It would be best if you cleared the smartphone of all the valuable private information and then sent it for repair. In this blog, we will provide you with a checklist that needs to be followed before sending the smartphone to a phone repair store. Let’s have a look.

Prerequisite for your Phone Before Sending it to Phone Repair Store

  • Create a full backup for your phone
  • Remove the sim card
  • Remove the external memory card of your smartphone
  • Remove the security lock
  • Write down the smartphone’s IMEI number
  • Log out from all social media accounts

Let’s have a look in detail

1.Create a backup for your data

The question is how to create this backup? There are few ways in which a person can create a backup of the data

  1. Firstly, do it manually. By going to the setting and selecting the data that needs to be saved.
  2. Secondly, using an external hard drive or a USB to transfer data to another external device.
  3. Thirdly, using cloud services to secure the data like google photos, Amazon photos, or iCloud.
  4. Lastly, synchronize all the contacts with a google or apple account so that nothing is missed.

One can also have a full backup of the data by transferring all the data from your smartphone to your personal computer.

2. Remove the SIM Card of the smartphone

When sending the smartphone to a cell phone repair store in Columbia, Kentucky, it is necessary to remove the SIM Card from the smartphone. There is no point in leaving the SIM Card. Some users do not feel that it is crucial thinking what harm can be done, but it is an essential step as all your personal information can be compromised if the SIM Card reaches the wrong hands. The SIM card can also be used in another cell phone when your cell phone has gone for repair.

3. Removing the SD Card from the smartphone

New smartphones have a lot of memory space available, but most older versions have a slot for a memory card. Thus, it’s essential to remove it before sending it away.

4. Disable the cell phone’s security code

Mainly the cell phone mechanics in Columbia, Kentucky, must check the cell phone after repair. If the cell phone is password protected, he won’t be able to do so. Thus, the repair service will be left in the middle.

5. Write down the IMEI Number

IMEI number of a smartphone is unique. It helps the individual identify their own cell phone in case there are multiple versions of the same brand and model available there for repair. Thus, it is recommended to know the IMEI number of your cell phone.

6. Log out from all the social media accounts

As the cell phone will not be password protected so anybody can access your social media accounts. It is a good practice to log out of all such accounts before sending the cell phone for repair to avoid a breach of data.

However, there are times when the screen goes blank, and you are unable to secure the personal data. It is best to visit a phone repair store like Gadget Defenders, where you can trust them with your data and other personal information without any fear of data manipulation.