Can You Trust The Adjuster Investigating Your Car Accident Claim?

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By John Wick

When someone is looking into an auto accident claim, it’s natural to wonder if they are taking their job seriously. The adjuster might be a friend or relative of the person making a claim, just trying to help. Or the adjuster might work for an insurance company, facing pressure to lower the compensation they pay out. The truth is, you can’t always tell by looking. A good adjuster understands that it is their job to prove that the other insurance company didn’t have any liability in the accident. They won’t try to take advantage of the victim, but they ensure that the other insurance company pays for any damages.

There’s a lot to consider when facing a situation like this. You’ll have questions about the accident and your rights, like the possibility of getting your lawyer. You may even have concerns about whether you can trust the adjuster you’ve chosen to handle this for you.

Requesting Official Records

If you’re not sure you can trust the adjuster, there is a way to find out more. One thing that can help is getting official records related to the accident. The first thing you want to confirm is the car insurance coverage involved in any claim. Is it liability coverage only? Is there personal injury protection coverage (PIP) or medical payments coverage? If two insurance companies are involved, you might want to determine how much each is paying. A decent adjuster will also request official records relating to the accident. They may ask for a police report or request copies of any evidence you’ve gathered, like photos of damages or bills for expenses related to the accident. If you need help getting these documents, it might be time to work with a car accident attorney. Discuss your situation with them to determine what’s involved in pursuing a claim.

Personal Knowledge of the Accident

When another driver causes your accident, they are liable for any damages. The insurance company pays you for your losses, and the other driver’s insurer might go after the driver to recover their losses.

You should ask the adjuster if you have questions about whether the other driver or their insurance company was liable. If you’re unsure about the other driver, find out their name and information from the police report. Most adjusters will have access to this information and can help you through the process of receiving a judgment.

If the other driver or insurance company is unwilling to admit liability, you may have to prove that they should have known better. Even if another driver causes a car accident, sometimes they aren’t aware of the danger. They may not see a pedestrian or be distracted by their phone. It’s up to you to explain what happened, and your adjuster will help you make your case.

Medical Authorizations

You also have the right to ask a medical professional involved in your accident to sign an authorization. This can help prove that a doctor was consulted so an insurance company doesn’t try to change the settlement amount.

Most insurance companies won’t try to deny your claim based on a medical opinion. If you have questions about this, ask the adjuster for their recommendation on how to proceed.